Car service: everything you need to know

As you know by now, car maintenance is essential: each targeted intervention will allow you to travel safely and without worries.

Here’s everything you need to know about the car service .

Car service: why do it

Does the cost of the service bother you ? It is true that maintenance is expensive, but it is the only way to safeguard your purchase and to travel safely.

The car service , in particular, is effective if done with a certain frequency, different according to how much you use the vehicle: never fall into the false belief that if you drive a few km it is not necessary, indeed.

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Always remember that this intervention allows the car to carry out its work at its maximum functionality, while at the same time preserving all the mechanical components essential to guarantee safety and driving comfort.

The car service is not mandatory by law , which in addition to the replacement of specific components such as oil and filters (those of oil, air and fuel), also includes a scrupulous check of the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and lamps.

But how much does a coupon cost ?

Car service: costs and interventions

There is never a fixed price for these procedures, because each car has different specifications; moreover, the components have variable prices, as well as the hourly cost requested by the professional.

These prices can vary a lot: in authorized workshops they settle between € 50 and € 70 per hour , while in independent ones they are reduced by about 50%, between € 25 and 40 / hour.

Here is a curiosity, which emerged from the ranking of the manufacturers that offer the cheapest car cutters, an interview with a sample of 43,000 motorists, of which 13,000 Italians.

At the top of the ranking is Toyota, with the cheapest average service cost, 230 euros. The manufacturer with the highest costs was Land Rover with 550 euros (to learn more, they also recommend the Ford home service coupon and the Audi Service Station coupon ).

To save costs, aftermarket parts can be used instead of the original ones, but it is a piece of advice that the mechanic must give you, especially to maintain the validity of the car warranty.

Car service: is it mandatory?

The car service can be mandatory only if established by the manufacturer: there are no fines by the police, as in the case of the overhaul, but it is an intervention imposed by the parent company when certain deadlines are reached.

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The replacements also include, in addition to the list you read earlier, spark plugs, cleaning the ERG or FAP (diesel) valve, changing the chain or timing belt.

Remember that saving money by choosing to resort to artisanal methods to carry out the service could cost you large sums due to the damage caused by your inexperience, as well as definitively voiding the car warranty.


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