Car scrap: what it is and how to do it

Today we talk about car scrapping, what it is and how to do it . When buying a new vehicle, it is essential to decide what to do with the old one. The 2019 car scrapping is a valid alternative to sale in the event that the vehicle is particularly old or in bad condition. But how does it work? Let’s see together how to scrap a car, what are the necessary documents and how much the whole procedure will cost.

What is car scrapping?

Scrapping means the physical demolition of a car and the safe disposal of what remains. In fact, car scrapping produces a series of polluting scrap, called special waste, which must be disposed of according to Legislative Decree 22 of 5 February 1997.

Where and how to scrap the car?

For scrapping, it is necessary to contact a Collection and Demolition Center authorized by the Region of residence. In the event that you give your car to buy a new one, you can entrust the vehicle to be demolished to the dealer , who will take care of the delivery to the wrecker. This is a very popular form, especially for getting a discount on a new vehicle. Carefully evaluate car scrapping offers .

Who can request the demolition of a vehicle?

The only one who can request the scrapping of a car is the owner of the vehicle: the holder is such to the PRA . There may be cases in which there are no holders of the PRA, such as, for example, any heirs of the previous owner; in these cases it is necessary to present documentation certifying ownership of the vehicle.

What documents are needed for car scrapping?

In addition to the physical demolition of the car, you must request the cancellation of the vehicle from the PRA. To proceed with the car scrapping, the car owner must be in possession of the following documents:

  • Front and rear plates
  • Registration card
  • Certificate of ownership or supplementary sheet

What documents are issued after car demolition?

After scrapping, the following documents are issued:

  • Scrap Certificate
    It is issued upon delivery of the vehicle to the Collection Center or dealer. From the date of delivery indicated in the document, the obligation of the Car Stamp ceases, relieving the owner of any civil, criminal and administrative liability on the vehicle.
  • Certificate of Radiation
    The vehicle, after the demolition, must be canceled (or indeed) disbarred from the PRA registers. It is the collection center itself, or the concessionaire, to request cancellation. The PRA issues the Certificate of Radiation that the wrecker or dealer will deliver to the owner of the vehicle.

Car scrapping, cost?

The costs for scrapping a car range  from € 70 to € 150 and include:

  • Stamp duty: 32 € if the owner has the certificate of ownership, 48 € if the NP3C model is used.
  • Possible transport of the vehicle to the demolition center: from 7 to 10 €.
  • Aci emoluments: € 13.50.
  • Search to make sure there are no inscriptions on the vehicle, such as an administrative detention: € 7.10.

Car scrapping, incentives

Thorny chapter: 2019/2020 car scrapping incentives. Everything is linked to the Ecobonus wanted by the Government. In short, an economic contribution is offered to those who decide to buy a car that has a low impact on the environment, therefore polluting little. If one has a scrap vehicle he can increase this bonus. This can be done from 1st March 2019 until 31st December 2021 and you need to buy a car with CO2 emissions lower than or equal to 70 grams per kilometer to benefit from the Ecobonus. There is talk of a maximum of 4,000 euros, which can be increased up to 6,000 euros in the case of cars to be scrapped. In these cases, therefore, the scrapping of the car is free. We remind you that new vehicles to be purchased that benefit from the eco-bonus cannot have a price higher than 61,000 euros including VAT.

To learn more, read the car scrapping bonus .

Car scrapping with administrative detention

Another popular question: can car scrapping be done with administrative detention? The answer is no. Or rather: a vehicle that has an administrative stop cannot be scrapped, except in the case in which the car has had an accident or is unable to move. However, it can be sold, then given to a dealer. However, this implies that the buyer must be informed that the car is subject to administrative detention and the seller must take steps to cancel the detention, unless agreed by the parties.

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