Car radiation for export: how to do it

Exporting a car abroad is legally possible, but it is important to cancel the vehicle from the Public Automobile Registry (PRA): let’s see together what are the steps to take.

What is meant by car radiation

A deregistered vehicle is a vehicle that is no longer present in the PRA archive and as such is no longer authorized to circulate on public roads and motorways; this vehicle must be scrapped or exported abroad, where it will be re-registered. Alternatively, the vehicle in question can be used as a racing car in private circuits, but also in this case it is necessary to make an explicit request.

If you intend to export your car abroad, you must therefore respect the following steps:

  • complete the transfer of the vehicle to the country where you want to export it;
  • register the car in the country of destination and equip it with new foreign plates;
  • request the radiation of the vehicle at the PRA in Italy.

As you may have noticed, the operations are quite simple, but you also need to keep in mind the following aspects:

  • you can request the cancellation of the car even before its new registration abroad, but only if you present the appropriate documentation certifying that the vehicle has been transported;
  • you have the duty to verify the possible presence on the vehicle of an administrative detention, a mortgage, a seizure or a foreclosure. In this case, you must attach the necessary documentation to release the asset in question, provided that this is possible. If you do not have sufficient information in this regard, you can request a survey of the vehicle, a document that can also be downloaded online for a relatively modest amount.

How to apply for car clearance for export

The radiation of a vehicle is obtained by presenting the documentation suitable for the provisions of the specific legislation: you must present yourself at the ACI office in your city in possession of the following material:

  • Certificate of ownership of thecar to be canceled;
  • Copy of the vehicle registration certificateof the country of destination. Alternatively, you can present the certificate of new foreign registration;
  • If you have already transferred the vehicle but have not yet re-registered, you are also required to attach the number plates and the Italian registration certificate;
  • Finally, if you are not the direct owner of the car but are acting as “entitled” subjects (an example are the heirs and the successful bidders of a judicial auction), you must attach a document proving your effective authority over the vehicle;
  • Italian citizens who are resident abroad can request the car deregistration for exportat the Consulate .

The costs to be faced for the export car radiation

The total cost of the entire procedure varies from 57 euros and 50 cents to 73 euros and 50 cents, with the exclusion of the intermediation service if you contact a private consultant; in the latter case, the figures vary according to the professional, who operates under a free market regime.

In detail, the expenditure includes the following separate items:

  • ACI emoluments: 13 euros and 50 cents;
  • stamp duty: 32 euros if you have the Certificate of Ownership, 48 euros if you don’t have one (in this case you must present the replacement model NP3C);
  • DT(Civil Motorization) rights : 10 euros and 20 cents, to which 1 euro and 80 cents must be added for postage.

Why apply for export car clearance

None of you are obliged to deregister your vehicle and in this case you would not commit any kind of crime; requesting the radiation of a vehicle that you do not use or need to transfer abroad is definitely convenient. In fact, a canceled vehicle is not subject to the application of the ownership tax (stamp duty) and is not charged on the tax return.

Furthermore, since you transfer the insurance of this vehicle to another vehicle in your possession (suppose the new car), the radiation becomes essential to maintain the bonus-malus achieved by your policy, which you would otherwise lose completely; this law (Bersani 2007) was formulated to avoid the abandonment of scrap with the aim of not paying for the demolition.

Specifically, you have 60 days to transfer the insurance in your name from the old car to the new one and provide for the cancellation ; this period stops if you leave the vehicle on consignment at an authorized dealer.

If you want to proceed independently and are sure to exceed the 60-day period, it becomes convenient for you to take out a new temporary policy for the old car, or to suspend the old contract and attach a new policy to it, which in this case would maintain the class of merit achieved.


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