Car Parts You Can Repair At Home!

People waste a lot of money by simply going to a mechanic to repair or replace some common car parts. That way, without having to waste money, some parts of the car itself can be changed at home with some intelligence. If the car is expensive, it may cost more to replace the parts. You can reduce this cost in half by working just a few hours. If you have a basic idea about machinery, you can easily repair car parts. And when you do it yourself, you can use some eco-friendly ingredients. You reduce the cost of repairing your car parts, fill the car’s fuel tank, and move around with ease. Let’s not see how you can repair your car parts at home .

  1. Fuel filter changes

Fuel filter should be replaced in a few days. If you change the fuel filter occasionally, the mileage of your car can increase up to 1.5 miles. A dirt fuel filter greatly reduces your vehicle’s performance. So for the sake of protecting the fuel filter, it should be adjusted for a few days. The steps to change the fuel filter are very simple. First open the battery and disconnect the fuel line. Then remove the fuel line from the filter. Then replace the washer, add a new filter. Check everything else one more time. Finally the car engine will start to see if there is any leakage. Take a look around to see if there is any way to refurbish the old filter. Because old filters can cause environmental pollution. You will remove the old filters without looking at them.

Fuel filter changes.

  1. Changes to brake pads

Changing the regular brake pads is very important for a vehicle. When the brake pads become too old, the cost of replacing them increases. As well as other parts do a lot of damage. The brake pads interact with not only your life but also the lives of the people around you. To replace the brake pad you will need a car jack, a lag knot wrench, socket set, C clamp. And you can find them at any hardware store. At the end of the shift, place your old brake pad in a place that is unlikely to harm the environment or any human being.

The top and bottom of the brake pads.

  1. Replacement of spark plugs 

The spark plug is another component to keep your vehicle moving and vibrant. Taking care of and replacing regular spark plugs is very important. As time goes on, the metal coating on the electrode becomes carbon. This causes the plug to spark in the fuel / air mix and degrades the entire vehicle’s efficiency. According to some experts, certain plugs, such as prices, are said to increase energy or reduce fuel costs; In fact, it does nothing.

Easily replace the spark plugs.

Some plugs reduce fuel consumption, such as e-three or halo plugs. When the cost goes down, the plug is the original plug with the car. Replacing spark plugs is a very easy task. First remove the fuel cables from the old spark plugs. Then loosen the plugs with a socket wrench. Attach the new plug to the end of the fuel wire covers with dielectric grease. In this, the wires will be protected inside the flap and will not spread around. Became a replacement for spark plugs.

  1. Windshield Repair

It’s not always fair to think that a windshield can always be repaired in a garage. Windshield You can repair your home very easily and efficiently. The first thing you need to do to repair the windshield is; You have to buy a windshield kit from a shop or garage. With a glass cleaner, thoroughly clean the damaged area up to 12 inches first. Then smooth the area with a blade. Remove the glass pieces inside the chip. Most keyboxes have a device for injecting glue into the windshield. Finally, do the rest of the windshield. It is important to remember that if you want to finish the job quickly and accurately, it should never be done in the heat of the sun. Because sunlight has the potential to make the adhesive harden.

Change the windshield itself.

  1. Power steering flash 

Seeing a power steering flash is a lot like dropping a child’s medicine. It is used to remove old oils from the steering wheel. Also used to give new oil. And by using a device that looks like this drop, you can remove 5 percent of the old / dirty oil. Pump oil should be taken out of the tin space next to the engine compartment. Take out the oils and place them in a plastic container so you can discard them later. Then fill the new oil. Start by checking the steering wheel for the car. Press the ignition switch off and start the switch off. Repeat the entire process. Turn on and off in the same manner three to four times until the fluid is completely cleaned.

Dirt is being cleared.

  1. Fluid replacement of transmission

Fluid replacement of the transmission in a mechanic’s shop is called a transmission flush. In this method, clean oil is inserted inside the automatic transmission. The main function of this method is to push the old and dirty oils out of the system. According to some mechanics this method is again not correct. They think this could be a transmission problem. Fluid replacement in the previous transmission was more efficient and easier and much more expensive. You need the same jack and a few jack stands to lift your car upwards. With which to lift the car up and remove the pan bolt from the bottom of the car. Use a large plastic lid container and dump the dirt in there. So that the oils can be easily picked up for cleaning later. Be sure to replace the fluid filter during the cleaning of the inside of the transmission pan. Time to set the pan again

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