Car bulbs: which ones to choose and how much they cost

When it comes to car bulbs , is it worth the budget? What is the best way to save? Is it better to have a more yellow or whiter lamp? Let’s be clear.

Car bulbs: main features

Do you know what really changes between the different models of halogen car lamps? On the shelf of the bulbs you will find many proposals, but it is not so obvious to make a good purchase: how to understand which is the brightest and the most convenient?

First of all, read the characteristics on the box or on the price list , as you do for the light bulbs at home: there are devices that offer a constant light beam, others that opt ​​for greater intensity, in short, each has its own particularities and are impossible. to list.

Evaluate the color temperature : if a classic lamp offers 500 Kelvin and is yellow, there are also approved lamps up to 4500 K, which will emit white light (always tending to yellow). As the kelvins increase, the light tends to ice / blue, becoming “cold”, with the consequence that it will illuminate the road in front of you less.

Car bulbs: warranties and prices

Is there a warranty for car bulbs? Also in this case, read the instructions clearly, or look for further information online: in some cases, keeping the receipt you could get a guarantee.

But the prices ? In general, despite the large market offer, the average cost for a xenon (branded) halogen bulb is 15 to 20 euros each, while gas discharge (HID) bulbs cost around 100 euros (or more). .

Among the most popular brands are Philips, Bosch and OSRAM; you can also buy these products online, or from your trusted dealer. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to do it yourself, take the machine to the workshop and they will take care of the whole procedure, also providing the suitable devices.

The best car bulbs must also withstand humidity, sudden changes in temperature, extreme temperatures, bad weather and strong vibrations, and are ECE approved. Also not to be underestimated is the heat dissipation system, essential to make them last for a long time.

Car bulbs: what you need to know

If you choose more “bluish” bulbs (always up to standard), you will get a beam of light similar to that of Xenon, with a type of contrast suitable for seeing the outlines of objects even in low light conditions.

As for the color of the bulb of halogen bulbs, this is used to give a more gritty look to the headlights even when they are off, and in the case of cheap lamps it tries to imitate the aesthetics of quality products.

How do you choose them ? The H4 (2 filaments in one bulb) range from 55 to 100W (low beam – smaller filament), while for the high beam they range from 60 to 130W. The H7s (1 incandescent filament only) range from 55 to 80W for both.

On the boxes, you will find double indications because the same lamp is approved for both high beam and low beam: however, the more the power, the more light, but also the heat. Too much, it dulls the headlight and can ruin it.

For this you don’t need to mount too powerful bulbs to give more light , but it is correct to respect the rules and choose the best ones.


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