Car black box: how it works

Do you know the car black box ? Let’s find out together the pros and cons of this additional application, to always keep on board, provided by some insurance companies. Here’s how it works .

Car black box: how it works

An electronic control device , which insurance companies often offer to motorists, in exchange for a discount on the policy : we are talking about the black box for cars.

Its application is optional, and the insurance box works just like the black box of planes, recording a lot of data on the car’s movements: why does it do this? To help insurance companies verify the dynamics of accidents, thus avoiding any fraud .

The Simplification Decree has foreseen in 2019 a liberalization of the discount amounts (proposed by the Companies) for those who choose to apply the car black box: with this new law, by choosing the black box you are entitled to the discount even before installation on board.

The car black box is therefore a useful device, but some aspects must be paid attention to.

Black Box car: the advantages and what to pay attention to

For the reasons above, there are therefore advantages and disadvantages for motorists who choose to install it.

In exchange for an immediate discount on the TPL policy, the data of your car’s ECU is recorded. This device is in fact equipped with a GPS locator connected to the remote operations center, which constantly records the data sent automatically.

Of course, the black box turns out to be a good deterrent against bad driving behavior: but who installs it?

The insurance box is installed and uninstalled by authorized professionals (usually affiliated with the company) who connect it to the car battery with a procedure that lasts a few moments. Could you download it more easily? Yes, it is an eventuality to be kept in mind.

Remember, however, that it is enough to take precautionary behaviors to safeguard the proper functioning of the battery (always useful regardless of the presence of the Black Box), such as keeping the engine running for at least 15 minutes once a week, especially when the car remains stationary for long periods.

The black box , among its pros, also includes the possibility of a quick identification of the car (and its driver), even in times of difficulty, and facilitates its finding in case of theft.

Car black box: final thoughts

This question is also often heard: is it possible to remove the device even before the policy expires?

No, remember that it is not possible to remove and replace the black box as you wish, even by identifying the simple installation and uninstallation procedure, otherwise serious problems with the insurance company, especially in the event of an accident.

Therefore, evaluate if the black box is suitable for you and also consider the installation times after signing, as well as uninstallation times after terminating the contract, and, obviously, the amount of the discount that will be offered (usually at least 20% or more, on the RCA cost only).


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