Car battery light on: what it means and what to do

You may have seen the car battery warning light on , if only because the car carries out the diagnosis each time it is switched on: this is one of the icons that light up, but it usually goes out in a few moments.

What to do if the car battery light does not turn off? Let’s find out together.

Car battery light on: what it means

First of all let’s clarify what the car battery light is, even if it is perhaps one of the simplest to recognize.

This icon is in fact represented by a simple stylized battery , that is a rectangle with a + and a – inside : these mathematical signs represent the positive and negative poles , naturally present in the accumulator.

What color is the car battery light? It is usually red , but in some vehicles it is yellow.

Never assume that this light on is referring only to the battery, as you often hear: it could in fact be an alternator problem .

Here’s how to tell the difference.

Car battery light on: what to do

The car battery light on can indicate various problems related to the accumulator or the alternator , but also to faults in the vehicle’s electrical system (more rare problem).

With the battery light on you may have these problems:

  • Low car battery– perhaps the most common cause
  • Alternator Problems– This is responsible for producing electricity when the engine is running
  • Corroded electrical cables or fuses– even a single corroded, damaged or cut electrical cable is enough

Unless you know a little about engines, it is urgent to have the battery, alternator and electrical system checked by a mechanic. But let’s find out together what to do before the professional check.

Battery recharged and light on

Did you charge the car battery yourself, but the warning light remained on?

In this case, the warning light probably stays on because the problem is not with the battery, but with another component of the electrical circuit.

These damages are easily conceivable, but more difficult to diagnose: for this reason it is always a good idea to consult a professional , possibly before turning the car off again.

Always remember that if the alternator breaks, the vehicle will no longer start and it will not be enough to change the battery.

A final case: if the warning light stays on but the alternator charges? It is probably a problem with the electrical circuit , but also with the battery itself.

To rule out the first case you just need to check that the electronic equipment works, while in the second you have to change the battery.

Do not forget that when a car battery ages it no longer holds a charge and therefore the battery light stays on.


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