Capoeira Weight Loss?Calories, Benefits and Tips

The options for physical activity to lose weight are diverse, but choosing the one that combines health benefits with learning about a culture and history is a privilege.Capoeira is present in many gyms, and can attract very diverse audiences, thus leading to many questions about its benefits. If you are tired of monotonous activities, understand how capoeira slim down, and innovate your workouts with the tips below.


Capoeira was a means of “security” for slaves, who were not allowed to carry weapons to defend themselves or to express their opinions. Contrary to what many think, capoeira was a dance, not a martial art, which made it possible for them to feel comfortable and safe in various movements, whether to manifest themselves culturally or as a defense.

Nowadays, capoeira has evolved, and even following the basic fundamentals, it can be adapted to the most diverse physical conditions and age groups.

Getting in shape

If you are tired of walking and aerobic exercise that is not giving you the expected effects, know that practicing capoeira is slim and can eliminate up to 700 calories per class.

The movements may seem difficult, but the results can be rewarding. The practice helps you work all regions of the body, improving your fitness and strengthening the most diverse muscles.

Remember that capoeira will lose weight as long as you combine classes with a regular diet, because for weight loss, it is crucial to burn more calories than you consume.

The movements are very rigorous and involve lifting legs, kicking towards the opponent’s head, elbow support, all combined as if it were a dance.


Capoeira can also be compared to aerobatics classes as it challenges your endurance by improving flexibility, and this can be noticed as you begin doing numerous jumps, body twists and kicks at previously unimaginable heights.

The improved flexibility reduces the possibility of injury, so capoeira is so efficient in this regard that it can even be compared to yoga by experts.


The events of everyday life greatly affect the mood of each of us, and capoeira can be very convenient for releasing stress. This is because, during class, you can disconnect from all problems and commitments, relaxing your mind and body.

Increased endorphin levels allow you to leave class in a better mood, not letting you get upset by adversity.

Fitness and endurance

Improvement in physical endurance is not only beneficial for evolution in activity classes, but may also extend to better performance in studies, work, and even other physical activities reconciled with capoeira.

University graduate

Like the martial arts, although not one, capoeira has graduations, which are nothing more than a way to recognize the evolution of its practitioners. They are recognized by strings, and the coloration varies according to their time and level of practice.

Upper limbs

Practicing capoeira gets thinner and can also help strengthen the upper limbs, which makes it even more interesting for people who don’t like to do weight training. With practice, during classes you will notice rapid effects on muscle fibers, further improving blood flow, motor coordination, balance and simultaneous arm and leg stimuli.


The benefits of capoeira are not limited to the physical. It can contribute a sense of pride and self-confidence, improving the practitioner’s self-esteem.


For children, we can say that capoeira not only awakens the physical and mental development, but also helps in the development of the discipline to be applied in class and beyond. Respect for the adversaries and the master must also be practiced outside the wheel.

New culture

The practice of capoeira allows you to know the culture and relationship between Africa and Brazil. This exercise enables evolution not only for the body, but as a culture, having knowledge of ancient traditions and different roots.

Women in Capoeira

Many women are intimidated to risk taking classes like capoeira, but the practice moves can be very beneficial for females.

Capoeira has been much sought after for women to improve their conditioning and self defense, which we can consider one more point in favor of this choice. Moreover, one of capoeira’s mottos is freedom, and there is always room for women to express themselves on wheels.


Here are some tips that will help you stand out in the first capoeira classes, taking the first challenges by letter.

  • First, strive to learn to wiggle well, for that is the main move, so it will be your basis for accomplishing all the others;
  • Every good capoeirista should stay on top of the songs sung during duels, and learning to play the characteristic musical instrument should not be ruled out: The berimbau. In fact, this quest to always learn new and different things is one of the aspects that make capoeira dynamic, stimulating the continuity of the practice;
  • WARNING, do not try to perform movements that are not yet safe, as any mistake can lead to injuries of different severities, and this could lead to removal from classes.

Here are some beginner moves:

  • When challenging a stranger, try not to show your entire game. It is very convenient that you save your best for the decisive moments of the clash;
  • It is important that the capoeirista does not worry about the speed of movement, at least not until he feels safe with the blows;
  • Keep your fists relaxed, as a closed fist does not match the characteristics of a capoeira practitioner and makes everything more comfortable;
  • Body and spirit must always be in tune;
  • Try to observe the most experienced practitioners, as you will be able to learn not only from their correctness but also from their mistakes by avoiding them;
  • Try to practice without touching your body on the floor, using only hands and feet, as the most experienced practitioners wear white clothes and challenge themselves to see who wins and gets the least dirty;
  • Join a wheel only when you are ready for the challenge.

Famous Capoeira

If you are waiting for references from famous people, to conclude your decision to invest in practice and confirm if capoeira really thin, know that there are many famous people who practice this sport / dance / cultural manifestation.

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