Are canned juices healthy?

Box juices are loved by children and adults, for their taste or practicality, but after a test by the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec), it was pointed out that some manufacturers do not put the minimum content of fruit in the composition required by law. These products became a subject on social networks. After all, are such drinks healthy or not?

Experts already say that these juices should not be consumed frequently. It contains large amounts of sugar and chemical additives, such as preservatives, dyes and flavorings.

In addition to some brands not placing the mandatory fruit concentration, some substances added to the drink can cause allergies and overload the liver and kidneys, which will have to work harder to metabolize and excrete them, says nutritionist Ana Paula Bortoletto, from Idec.

Deserve attention

On social media, some consumers were amazed to learn that some drinks contain fruits that have nothing to do with the flavor described on the drink’s packaging. For example, a passion fruit drink can contain orange, apple, pineapple, grape and even carrot juices. In addition to the passion fruit.

Because of this it is good to pay attention to the packaging to avoid eating any fruit to which you are allergic.

You should also pay attention to the order of the ingredients. If, for example, sugar appears first, it means that the product contains more sugar than anything else. For example, if the order is pineapple, carrot, orange passion fruit. In this order, passion fruit would be only the fourth in terms of greater concentration. And the more ingredients in the drink, the greater the number of chemical additives so that it is standardized and preserved.

Abir contested the Idec research, arguing that the methodology used by the contracted laboratory is not recognized or approved by competent bodies in Brazil. Thus, the results of the analyzes are not reliable and can cause damage to consumers, the association said in a note.


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