Candy Crush Saga | Complete and updated list

Are you looking for the best Candy Crush Saga tricks ? Excellent, we are here to help you! In the next lines we will show you the operations to get infinite lives, unlimited help and free ingots. This is not anything particularly complex: with a little of your attention you will reach your goal. But call to delay: let’s go!


Cheats Candy Crush Saga

Developed by King Digital Entertainment, Candy Crush Saga is a game for Android and iPhone smartphones . It is currently still the most popular game on Facebook , with 71 million likes on the official page. Also in 2019 the most downloaded app is on both the Play Store and the App Store . In 2013, it had an average of 46.5 million users playing games every month.

There are several Candy Crus Saga tricks , but in this guide we go to see what we believe to be the most interesting and functional. Here’s how to unlock them!

How to get free gold bars, lives and unlimited aid

Ingots are very important in Candy Crush : the more you earn and the more you save money and above all you can progress in the game in a simpler way. How do you get them for free? There are two possible methods . Let’s start with the first one: using Firefox , first install the free Leethax extension and then download the game to your PC and synchronize it with your Facebook account .

Once this is done, restart your browser. This simple procedure was enough, since every time you access the game via Facebook the gold bars will be infinite, as well as lives and aid . However, the extension only works on PCs : you won’t be able to get them from your smartphone . So can it seem useless? No, because in this way you will be able to overcome a difficult level on PC , and then progress more quickly using your smartphone as usual.

As we said, there is also a second method: by accessing Facebook , click on Settings, Account Settings, Applications, Login made with Facebook . Look for the Candy Crush Saga icon and remove it. The game will still be on your smartphone , but no longer connected to Facebook . Now click on Play Quests and, by completing the dear challenges, you can accumulate ingots. Once this is done, you can download the game on Facebook again : you will find all the ingots obtained so far.


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