Have your fellow readers heard the word “Hashtags” or hashtags before? The meaning of hashtags in Indonesian is a word or phrase that starts with the hashtag symbol “#” and is followed by words or phrases that are typed without spaces (pauses). Typically, words on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Google+ often use hashtags or hashtags to popularize a topic to social media users. Another understanding of hashtags is a tool consisting of words that can help us in building networking, finding job opportunities, distributing job vacancies, even spreading important information, messages or news to the general public. Please note that hashtags or hashtags can only be used on social media. So,


Hashtags were initially trending when used in social media such as Twitter and Instagram . The use of hashtags or hashtags can make posting pictures or photos into posts that are easier for people to see. Since then, many people have started to find out about examples of hashtags, what are Instagram hashtags, hashtags functions on Instagram. In addition, they are also trying to find out about unread Instagram hashtags, Instagram hashtags that are not detected as well as, the new Instagram 2019 rules with the aim that all hashtags that they use are really easy to detect and make it easier for Instagram followers to find their content.


How can the use of hashtags help the job search process? 

We can find a variety of the latest job openings online and job vacancies in 2019 that use various hashtags that are considered effective to attract the attention of job seekers in finding the jobs they listed online. Not only that, job seekers can also use effective and appropriate hashtags to simplify their job search process .


So, how do the actual hashtags (hashtags) work and how do they effectively use hashtags (hashtags), especially for job search? Reporting from the website balance careers dot com, there are some things we need to learn, namely, how to use hashtags or hashtags in helping job search and great tips for using hashtags or hashtags in job search .


How to Use Hashtags to Help Job Search

1. Looking for Job Vacancies Available on Social Platforms Using the Right Hashtags.

In today’s digital era, we will rarely find employers or recruiters posting job openings in print media such as newspapers, magazines, posting leaflets on bulletin boards, and so on. However, employers in modern times will be more interested in posting jobs on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


In this case, the recruiters not only just put up vacancies, but they will also use hashtags or hashtags that are relevant to the position or job search in the post. To be more specific, recruiters can use hashtags such as #LowonganTeknik Industri, #LowonganTrainer, and so forth.


Well, job seekers can also find work more easily by typing the hashtags on social media. Oh yes, we can also find jobs based on location through hashtags! For example, if your fellow readers want to work in the city of Jakarta, your fellow readers can type the hashtags # Jakarta Tunnel or Jakarta Center Tunnel, and so on.


2. Learn Corporate Culture by Using Relevant Hashtags.

When we become job seekers, we also need to know about the work culture or corporate culture that prevails in the workplace of our dreams. To find out, we can type hashtags or hashtags that are often used by employees in the company. Usually, the hashtags or hashtags they use can convey a variety of stories or information that are in their lives in the company. As an example:

Some hashtags or hashtags used like, #AccountantLife #TrainerLife #KejarTargetCompany (also type the company name). In essence, we can explore various information available on social media by including relevant hashtags.


3. Simplify Recruiters to Find Us.

In order for recruiters and job seekers to meet quickly and easily through social media, job seekers must help recruiters find them easily. How? Use hashtags or hashtags that match the job search that your fellow readers want. For example, if a fellow reader posts something related to your job search such as a 3-year work experience of a fellow reader as an auditor. Now, fellow readers can post it on a LinkedIn account and include the appropriate hashtags or hashtags as desired by recruiters in general, especially with regard to the employee search criteria they want. For example, fellow readers can use hashtags or hashtags such as, #JobHunter, # Jobseekers, #Best Employees, #Resume Companies, and so on.


Great Tips for Using Hashtags in Job Search

Of the three ways to use hashtags or hashtags, here are 5 great tips that we can also apply in job search. C’mon, consider the following tips.


1. Choose and Use Hashtags that are Often Used by Many People.

Yep! The first tip is to use hashtags that are commonly used by many people. So, the hashtags or hashtags will sound very familiar. In this case, we don’t create new hashtags and hope that hundreds or even thousands of people will use them. Why? Because to create trending hashtags is like gambling or gambling, it will not necessarily happen in a short time. So, we advise Career Advice partners to use popular hashtags.


Fellow readers can pay attention to how successful people in your industry use hashtags or hashtags on each of their posts on social media. Often hashtags or hashtags used by successful and influential people more easily become trending hashtags, and we can use them while they are still relevant.


2. Every Professional Content We Share, Don’t Forget Included Relevant Hashtags Yes!  

Building a good image or impression on social media is indeed very important. This does not mean we are fake people! However, playing social media must be based on a wise and professional character. We must know whether the words used in our posts are worth reading or not and the photos or images shared are worthy of being seen by many people or not. For every professional post that we share on social media, don’t forget to include popular and relevant hashtags. This aims so that more people can get insights from our posts.


3. Be careful with the hashtags or hashtags we use.

However, we also need to be careful in choosing and using hashtags or hashtags on social media, colleagues. That is, we need to ensure that the hashtags that we choose are not only used by many people, but also by those we want to associate. That is why it is important for us to check and pay attention to the social media of successful people who are great and famous, “roughly, what hashtags they and their groups often use?” This will make it easier for us to be careful in choosing and using hashtags.


4. Don’t overuse Hashtags.

Although we really want every content we post to be read by many people, but we advise fellow readers not to use hashtags excessively. To make your posts more effective, just include 2-3 hashtags that are very useful for your fellow readers’ job search.


5. Use the Best and Most Popular Hashtags That Can Lead Us to Effective Job Search.

There are several hashtags or hashtags that Career Advice colleagues can use on various social media platforms, such as below:


Hashtags or Hashtags for Finding Work: 

# Job or # Job search

#JobSearching or #JobSearchTips, and

# Hire me


Hashtags or Hash to Recruit New Employees: 

# Job Tunnel or # Job

#JoinOurTeam or #JoinOurCompany

#Now to hire or #Recruit.


Hashtags or Hashtags for Career Advice:  


#CareerAdvice or #STUDILMUCareerAdvice


#Personal development

#ResumeTips, etc.


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