Can I order from McDonalds, Burger King or KFC on Order Now?

The fact of ordering from McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC on Orders Now, has become completely common on the platform . In fact, who doesn’t like to enjoy the giants of the fast food industry? And with even greater reason to do so today, due to the time of strict confinement.

The pandemic has reflected its effects on restaurants, so an action as daily as going out to taste good food, now it is fair to think two to three times so as not to expose yourself to potential risks.

Can I Order From McDonalds, Burger King or KFC on Order Now? Find out now!

Thanks to Orders Now and its reach in Latin American countries, with just having access or being subscribed to the platform, everything is easier. Now you can order the traditional and foolproof of a McDonald’s or Burger King hamburger and even KFC’s spectacular, charming and highly addictive breaded chicken from the comfort of home .

What to do to order from McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC on Order Now?

First of all and if you are new to this, simply wanting to order McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC on Order Now is not enough. It is clear that in the first place, you must have a smartphone with an advanced Android operating system or higher than 4.2 or in the case of iPhone, an edition of the iOS operating system higher than 4S.

If you wonder why this is important, it’s simple. With obsolete or old versions, the application will cost to download and you will not be able to fully enjoy its interface . Therefore, it is recommended, as mentioned, to have a moderately advanced phone capable of supporting the entire procedure.

The following is a process similar to downloading any application, that is, opening the Google Play Store or App Store first. Then, regardless of the case, look for Orders Now in the navigation bar, select it and press “ Download ”.

Wait for the download process to finish and a shortcut will be created with the application icon, where you will access immediately . Press “Confirm location” once a map appears with the geolocation of your mobile with the GPS previously activated.

That’s how simple you will have entered the main interface of the application, so as soon as possible you can start ordering from McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC in Orders Now.

How to order at McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC with Order Now?

The beloved McDonald’s restaurant is already an international franchise with the most exquisite presentations on the market. Since its founding, it has innovated sparingly to improve the user experience.

KFC and Burger King are no strangers to fame, as these big fast food companies also join McDonald’s as the family’s favorite alternatives. From the menu rich in breaded chicken or in different presentations offered by KFC, to the most delicious hamburgers and combos with a typical Burger King perspective; each one has their own special weapons.

That is why despite having their own delivery service, they are also allies of Orders Now. In this way, with the application already downloaded, all you have to do is locate the closest location to your position and select it on the main screen . Immediately, Orders Now will show the content of your menu together with the description of each product.

Put your finger on any of the options to consider, determine the number of units and continue with the purchase. Select the payment method (if you have OrdersYa coupons, you can use them), either credit card or cash to finalize the order and just wait for a delivery person to answer the call, pick up the order and after a couple of minutes, deliver at the door of your house.

Now do you realize how easy it is to order from McDonald’s , Burger King or KFC on Order Now? It really doesn’t have much science, you just need to have everything in order and the disposition to order.


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