Gratitude and Financial Conditions, Do Both Have a Relationship? 

Financial problems are a condition that is really shunned by many people. One example is debt that has accumulated, but we cannot afford to pay it. A good financial example is between income and expenditure showing a balanced number. So, financial loss is a condition that occurs when our total expenditure is more than the total income (income). The good news, it turns out that gratitude can help us to improve our financial condition, colleagues. So, what is meant by “gratitude”? Gratitude is a reassuring and pleasant feeling that results from accepting everything we have, so that it produces a positive response in facing all challenges that come in life.


What about the understanding of financial conditions? The financial sense according to experts is to learn how a business, organization, company or individual can increase, allocate and use all financial resources (monetary) within a certain time period. In other words, financial condition is how our attitudes and actions in managing our finances are owned. So, is it true that gratitude and financial conditions, both have a very strong connection?


3 Reasons Why Gratitude Can Improve Our Financial Conditions? 

To understand more clearly why the two are related, we invite Career Advice colleagues to read this article further, because fellow readers will be a little surprised by the fact that gratitude can be a way to improve our finances for the better.


By always being grateful in any circumstances, we will not be in a hurry to use money. That is why we will feel calmer. Well, a calm feeling like this will help us to be more wise in using money and taking care of financial conditions.


According to the balance dot com website, there are 3 reasons that prove why gratitude can help us in improving financial conditions. So, we can manage finances better than before . Curious? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Gratitude can make us more patient when making financial decisions.

There is no harm if we train ourselves to be grateful. For example, we read words of gratitude for ourselves, so that we can better interpret life. When we practice gratitude, we are indirectly improving our finances. Based on the results of research published in the Journal of Psychological Science, feelings of gratitude will make us feel more satisfied with everything we have.


According to researchers from this study, people who have good gratitude will refrain from buying items that are “temporary gratification”. We will refrain from buying things that we might not really need at all, because we feel satisfied with everything that is in our lives. In fact, it is less likely for us to spend money because we feel that what we have is more than enough.


Gratitude will also encourage us to improve our personal finances by saving more diligently and in no hurry in making financial decisions. We will realize that goods that are sold at high prices will not be able to buy “happiness” in our lives, so we will prefer to allocate money to save rather than be used for shopping or other things that provide temporary satisfaction.


2. Gratitude can shape us into a generous person.

Gratitude not only helps us to be wiser in making financial decisions, but a feeling of gratitude to God will increase our sense of generosity towards others. Starting with gratitude that will make us feel satisfied with everything we have, then this feeling will encourage us to share happiness with people around us, especially to those who need it.


According to research cited by UC Berkeley, gratitude will help us to improve our financial condition very well. Instead of shopping for more goods, we share with the people around us, so we will always feel fulfilled. We will start thinking, “instead of buying a bag for 10 million rupiah, I’d better donate it to orphans in an orphanage.


Interestingly, when gratitude makes charitable activities something that we prioritize, we will also be encouraged to evaluate our financial condition again. We will fulfill all primary needs and avoid buying goods that are just “just want”, but actually not needed at all. Charity activities will make us more grateful for our current financial condition.


For example, we will be grateful because we have a permanent job, we are grateful because we have a definite income every month, we are grateful because we can still live under the roof and be free from rain and the heat of the sun, and so forth. All those feelings of gratitude will block our feelings to buy things that are not important, but more concerned with charity activities to help people to feel happiness as we feel.


3. Gratitude can increase satisfaction in our lives.

When we feel grateful for everything that is owned in life, then we tend to feel satisfied with all the situations that occur in life. Simply put, we will never compare our lives with the lives of others who might look more “wow” or “more beautiful”.


People who feel grateful in their lives will avoid everything that smells of “Hedonism”, they do not need to buy expensive cars just to prove to others that he is capable. As said by St. Augustine, a religious writer in the Middle Ages said that a person will feel more satisfied with his life when he has high gratitude, so that when he is involved with matters relating to money and property, the individual tends to distance himself from over-using it.


When we already have income, we might buy new things that will give us a new level of satisfaction. Yep! That is normal, even our “right” to buy anything with the money we have. However, this action will only give us short-term satisfaction, while gratitude will encourage long-term satisfaction in our lives.


Logically, when buying a new item, we will feel happy. However, whether a month, two months, or a year ahead we still feel the same satisfaction? Most likely not. Instead, we will continue to look for opportunities to buy other new goods that can provide a sense of “new satisfaction”.


In contrast to gratitude, we will continue to feel happy and satisfied with our lives in the long run. We know and realize that buying new goods will not provide a long sense of satisfaction, because the items we buy can be lost or damaged. However, our satisfaction will continue to increase when we continue to be grateful for everything that is in our lives.


Well, those are 3 reasons why gratitude can help us all in improving our current and long-term financial conditions . With gratitude, we will always feel satisfied without having to buy expensive things that we don’t really need to have. Come on, improve our financial condition from now on, colleagues. Don’t forget to always be grateful, Career Advice friends.

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