Can a Christian play the lottery?

The Bible does not advise you to spend your money irresponsibly. Playing the lottery is not a good investment. Each person can choose whether to play or not, but before deciding it is good to think about a few things:

Why do I want to play?

Much of the lottery problem is the heart of the gambler. It is natural to want more money to have a better life, support a family and help others. But be careful! More money is not always the solution.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the desire for money. We must always put God first, not money. It is also good to remember that a lot of money brings a lot of responsibility and does not end all problems ( 1 Timothy 6: 9-10 ).

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Do I have money to play?

The Bible teaches that we have a responsibility to our families ( 1 Timothy 5: 8 ). Whoever makes money must invest that money first in the care of the family. We must also be faithful in paying our debts. Only then can we think about whether or not to play the lottery.

If playing the lottery hurts your family, don’t play!

Can I not play?

Addiction is bad. If you can’t stop playing the lottery, are very anxious about the game or are always thinking about it, it is a sign that you are addicted to the lottery. This is a very serious problem. Addiction to the lottery can destroy your finances, your joy and your family. Do not be addicted ( 1 Corinthians 6:12 ). If you are already addicted, seek the help of a pastor or leader to break free.

Who is profiting?

Who does my money go to when I play the lottery? Only a small part goes to the prize (s). The rest is in the hands of the lottery owners. Who owns the lottery? What do they do with the money? Am I helping society or a charity, or just making easy profit for a small group of people? Investigate the lottery before playing.

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What is the probability of winning?

Most major prizes: virtually none. Smaller prizes, which are more likely to win, rarely outweigh the investment made. Playing the lottery is not an investment, it is just a waste. If you are looking for good investments, save money at the bank or invest in a good deal.


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