Can any business be done at home?

Information technology and the welfare of the Internet can be done in many businesses at home. If you want to start a home business, start planning it today. Domestic business has many benefits.

Your home can be one of the best places to start a small capital-intensive business. I’m trying to get some home-based business ideas .  

# 4 Online blogs can be done at home

An online blog is one of the best examples of a domestic business. You can start this business by investing a little money and creating a blog. Creating a blog can cost you more than 1 to 5 thousand rupees.

Although the special needs more money in the field, 3,000 taka is sufficient in the beginning. After creating a blog, you can write 1/3 articles and earn money by advertising using Google Adsense or other platforms. How much money you can earn depends on how popular your blog is.

# 2 Article Writer

If you are proficient in Bangla or English then you can easily earn money by working as an Article Writer. You can work as an Article Writer at Upwalk,

But to be an efficient and acceptable Article Writer, you need to understand SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

# 1 You can earn money by uploading videos to YouTube

You can earn money from YouTube by giving you any video you create. However, YouTube is becoming more and more difficult.

You must have at least 1 Subscriber and 1 hour of watch time on your channel to earn revenue from YouTube.

Once a channel is established, a good road to Passive Income will come out. For this you will have to work for 3-5 months.

# 1 E-commerce

Start an e-commerce business by taking pictures of the product on your own website or Facebook page. The e-commerce business is far ahead in our country. Compared to several years, people are now more confident in e-commerce.

Good quality product and marketing is the key to success in this business.

# 1 Daycare Business

If you want to spend time with your kids and earn money in return, start a day care business. You can start a daycare business to take care of the kids in your own home.

# 1 Jewelry Business

Start the jewelry business by utilizing the handiwork skills. You can make jewelry by using your skills with snails, oysters, clay, various stones. Customized jewelry can be sold in various stores and online.

# 1 Social Media Manager

This business can be one of the best sources of income for our country. This business can be done at home.

Many companies are still not thinking or giving their time on social media. You can arrange different packages to inform them of the service or product through social media. This will increase the advertising of the company and pave the way for your income.


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