Can a believer wear short clothes and cleavage?

Each believer must follow his conscience about short clothes and necklines. The Bible does not give specific rules on short clothes and necklines, but it does have the universal rule of modesty. It is impossible to establish exact and universal rules about what is acceptable.

The Bible teaches modesty , which is to dress in a decent way. Modesty comes from an inner beauty, which is a reflection of life with God ( 1 Peter 3: 3-4 ). Clothes and fashion change over time but if we follow the rule of modesty, we will not fall into sin.

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To find out if you can wear a cleavage or short outfit, consider three things:

Your conscience

What kind of clothes bother you? Avoid it. The conscience of those who love Jesus is guided by the Holy Spirit. He is our guide for specific day-to-day situations, such as the right type of clothing. Listen to your conscience and follow it ( Romans 14: 22-23 ).

Discover your personal limits : how much neckline are you comfortable with? What length do you consider decent? Create some personal rules so you don’t feel uncomfortable with what you wear.

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The situation

Different situations have different rules of modesty. For example, among the Indians of Amazonas, people are not required to cover themselves so much to be modest. On the other hand, in a Muslim country you need to wear a lot more clothes to be decent. In different countries there are different rules.

Likewise, different occasions require different clothing. It would be ridiculous to go to the beach in a suit and tie and you can’t go in a bikini for a funeral! Understand the context to find out if the outfit is suitable.

Ask yourself: what is accepted in your community? What is frowned upon? Avoid what will scandalize people who don’t go to church ( Romans 14:16 ). If you are not yet an adult, obey your parents and talk to them about what is appropriate.

When in doubt , ask yourself: what is more conservative, my conscience or the situation? Choose the one that is most conservative.

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Your reasons

Why do you want to wear short clothes or a cleavage? There is nothing wrong with taking care and dressing well, as long as the motives are pure. But if you want to provoke, this is wrong. The believer should not consciously invite sin. A provocative attitude is often worse than clothing ( Proverbs 5: 3-4 ).

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For those who are tempted

The responsibility is not just for those who wear cleavage or short clothes. Whoever looks is also responsible. The Bible says that there is no temptation that cannot be resisted ( 1 Corinthians 10:13 ). The first look is not your fault but the second is.

It is very important to learn to control your desires and your reactions. Even extremely modest people are harassed and attacked by others who do not know how to control themselves. No amount of cloth can protect against those who already have bad intentions.

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