Can a Muslim who does not pray die without faith?

– There are a lot of people who are Muslims but do not pray. They say that these people may die without faith because they do not pray.
– If a Muslim believes that prayer is obligatory but does not perform prayer, will he die without faith in his last breath or can he die without faith?


Our dear brother,

Whether a person will breathe his last breath as a believer when the moment of death comes is an unseen matter. Just as it is not possible to have knowledge about unseen matters through reason and senses, we can only be aware of what revelation reveals to us.

As a matter of fact, Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“…Nobody knows what to earn tomorrow. No one knows where they will die. Surely Allah is the All-Knowing, the All -Aware.” (Luqman, 31/34)

It is possible for all people to die with or without faith in their last breath. No judgment can be made on this matter.

Faith and action cannot be considered independently of each other. So much so that it is frequently mentioned in the Quran that the main characteristic of believers is that they are “those who pray” . (see Bakara, 2/3, 43, 45, 177, 277; Maide, 5/55; etc.)

“And to us: ‘Perform the prayer and fear Allah.’ It was commanded. He is Allah, to whom you will be gathered.” (Enam, 6/72)

As seen in the verse, prayer has been made clearly obligatory.

It is stated that prayer , which is the most important worship after faith , cannot be abandoned even in an extraordinary situation such as war (Nisa, 4/102) .

In another verse, “Seek help (from Allah) by being patient and performing prayer . Surely, prayer is difficult for anyone except those who deeply respect Allah.” (Baqara, 2/45) the relationship between faith and prayer is revealed in another dimension.

Therefore, a life without prayer gradually weakens faith and can lead a person to disbelief.

A person who believes that prayer is obligatory but does not perform prayer becomes a sinner; Unless he repents for acting against God’s command and gives up his behavior, and unless he tries to make up for his mistake, it is certain that he will be punished.

On the other hand, whatever kind of life a person leads, he is more likely to end his life along the same lines.

In conclusion; A Muslim must strengthen his faith with deeds, pray to God with the hope of taking his last breath as a believer, strive to live a life as expected from him in line with this desire, and try to fulfill his prayers as much as he can.

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