Cameo Calls: How to Video Call a Celebrity

Surely more than once you have wanted to talk to your favorite celebrity, well with Cameo Calls you can do it, you can have a video call with the famous person you want , then we will tell you everything you need to know to be able to talk with famous people thanks to Cameo Calls .

Cameo Calls is a new function that the creators of Cameo have launched , the platform to receive personalized video messages from the famous person of your choice, but now you can have a video call with celebrities thanks to this new function.

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Video calls with your favorite famous

Cameo Calls, the new function that will allow you to talk to a famous person for a few minutes. Cameo specialized in creating personalized messages from celebrities, for companies or for people, but now you can have a video call with them although you should know that the prices are not cheap at all.

Video calls may last a maximum of 15 minutes , but almost none give the option of such a long time, the average is 2 minutes , but you will have prices from 2 dollars and you can talk with Spiderman or for 15 dollars with the Youtuber Amiri King .

The prices are really high , because for example we can have a video call with the actress from the Dallas series, Linda Gray for $ 60 for 3 minutes . As you can see, it is a very high price, but in her case the money you pay to talk to her will go to the “Cameo Cares” foundation . So maybe if you are interested you can do it.

The video calls with famous Cameo Calls can only take them through the app , when you choose the famous with whom you want to talk about a specific date appear including time, so you can have the video call. In the case of Linda Gray, a 3-minute conversation is included in her price and you can take a capture of any moment of the conversation.

So, in this way you can have a video call with a celebrity and also donate the money to a charitable cause, as it is a good way to help in this type of non-profit cause, but at least you have spoken with your favorite star thanks to Cameo Calls.

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