Call of Duty: WW2 – how to pass the hardcore easter quest “Reich Zombie”

Detailed walkthrough of the hardcore Easter egg quest on the map “The Last Reich” in the zombie shooter mode Call of Duty: WW2

Only true enthusiasts will be able to get to the one true ending of The Last Reich, an episode from the Reich Zombie mode in Call of Duty: WW2 . In a standard playthrough of this map, a team of up to four players fights zombies and performs the actions described in the casual Easter egg mission (a separate article on our website ).

Whether you knew it or not, there is another, more difficult and incomprehensible Easter egg in the game. In the new guide, we will tell you about each stage of its passage, you will learn how to complete the hardcore Easter egg mission as quickly as possible. You either need to supplement our instructions for passing the casual Easter egg, or familiarize yourself with each step in this article. The achievement that you get for completing the hardcore quest is called “Dark Union”.

To get started, you will need all four variations of the Tesla Cannon, and after that everything will become much more complicated.

But still, I would recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the passage of the casual Easter egg “The Last Reich”. You can only go through the hardcore variation if you complete the casual one and add a few other stages.

How to get to the end of the hardcore quest

To complete the hardcore Easter egg mission, you will need to upgrade the Tesla Cannon to four different variations. Each player from your squad must have a Tesla Cannon of different modifications!

At the Point of No Return step in the casual mission, right before the final battle with Panzermorder, you should have all these weapons on hand.

Do not shoot the Tesla cannon at the hilt in the imperial chamber. If you do this, then the battle will begin and all that will turn out to be squeezed out of the passage is the casual ending.

The last reich

RECOMMENDED ! Play as a full team of four to earn more points and create more zombies. This will make it much easier to upgrade the Tesla Cannon and get all four variations of it.

Preliminary Stage – Obtaining All Four Tesla Cannon Upgrades

Getting all the variations of the Tesla Cannon is an important step in this easter egg. This is the only way to get the true ending of The Last Reich. To unlock them all, check out our guide (in two parts). Having received all the Tesla Cannon upgrades, proceed to the next stages.

Step 1 – restoring energy in the pub

Everything described below may sound strange, but stick to our instructions. Go to Riverside and turn to the outer wall – find a cock-shaped weather vane located on the stone wall and interact with it. It will rotate and point in a specific direction. Go there to get to one of three possible places – shoot a white light.

This will activate the water wheel. Diagrams will appear on it – shoot the wires with the upgraded Tesla Cannon to restore electricity in the pub. Now that the power is restored, you can interact with the player inside.

Right place

Step 2 – collect and apply three colored items

This is where things get even more complicated! In random places on the map, you will find three objects that are on the roofs of the buildings of the village. Collect green, red and yellow gizmos – inspect the rooftops of the building near the village square, on the Riverside, in the courtyard, in the pub, or at the entrance to the village.

They can be located in ten different locations. Shoot them so that they fall down, and lift them from the ground. Place them in the three gray “slots” in the display to the right of the bunker door in the village square.

Step 3 – solving the puzzle with the Enigma code

Now that the items have been collected and installed, examine the zombie spawn points on Riverside, the village square, in the courtyard, pub, and near the village entrance. Here you need to find Enigma cars with large bobbins – write down the number that is displayed on each machine.

Why is this needed? Each Enigma machine (red, green or yellow) will give you one of the code combinations. Enter the code by interacting with the built-in items from the previous section placed in the display in the village square. Each dial has a black pointer.

Right place

When you have two digits, rotate the pointer until you find the third digit. If you have only one number from the code, then you can still solve the puzzle – enter that number in the corresponding color column, and then pick up the other two.

Once you enter the correct code, the items will lock in place and you can see the entry on the display.

Step 4 – recovering electricity in the bunker

Note. Before completing this step, you will need a zombie head with a flamethrower. Kill the boss and leave the head on the lower floor of the command hall.

Set the record on the turntable in the pub, then return to the command room inside the bunker. After playing the recording, you will need to reset the power switches – use the toggle switch in the laboratory, then in the morgue, and then return to the command room. To the right of the salt mine door, you will find a panel that opens where the third toggle switch is located. Use it!


After activating all three switches, another panel will open to the left of the third. Shoot the coils at it with the upgraded Tesla Cannon and the lights will go out.

Step 5 – unlocking safes in the bunker

Pick up the zombie’s head, look for a gray metal panel built into the wall to the left of the stairs leading to the morgue and laboratory. Shine a light on the zombie’s head to find blood stains. Do this before the power returns and the lights turn on. When the lights come on again, go back to each of the panels and interact with the numbers in the bottom row – just rotate them until you find the glowing blue seal. You need to act very accurately!

Unlock both panels and take the disc halves from them. When both parts are on the hands, they will need to be inserted into a small circle behind the device with a handle in the imperial chamber, right under the statue itself. Complete this step to unlock the red Talon, a powerful sword that you will need for your next steps.

We complete the task

Step 6 – charging the pub turntable with souls

Return with the sword to the pub and listen to the player. When a new song starts, a timer will start – you will need to kill between 30 and 50 zombies before this song ends. Use this sword to destroy the undead! Kill enemies inside the pub, near the turntable, so that the souls of the dead will charge the jukebox. After 5-7 kills, you will receive an upgrade for the sword, which allows you to use a red energy wave that kills several zombies at once.

Keep killing until the machine gun dies down. As soon as it starts to work strangely, then get ready for the next step. If this does not happen, then repeat the steps.

Step 7 – getting the code for the player

This step seems difficult, but it is much easier than you thought. Listen to the player and wait for a long pause. Then count the number of clicks between each short pause. This will give you a four-digit code!

For example, if you hear two clicks, a pause, two clicks, a pause, five clicks, a pause, six clicks and a long pause, then the code combination will be 2256. Remember it!

Step 8 – connecting the second voice of god

Return to the imperial chamber and make sure to complete all the actions of the casual mission up to the last step – interacting with the handle at which you need to fire the Tesla cannon.

Enter the four-digit code obtained in the previous step into the Voice of God device. We are talking about a device between two “Hands of God”. When entering the imperial chamber from the salt mine, the code must be entered in the following order: far left socket, center left, center right and far right.

To apply the code, press the interaction key on the code pad. Finally, shoot the “chandelier” above the hilt using all four variations of the Tesla Cannon.


Step 9 – final boss on hardcore

After firing all the Tesla Cannon upgrades into the chandelier, the animation will start, and the swirling coil of energy will fly into the handle. Shoot the sphere with all Tesla cannons and collect the handle to start the final battle against the boss.

Note . The boss Panzermorder will fight against you in the same way as on a casual mission. Shoot the airship, pick up and charge the battery, and then place it on the stunned boss, etc.

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