Call of Duty Warzone: this is how you can generate your Warzone Report

Call of Duty: Warzone is celebrating a year since its launch, a period where battle royale has managed to rank among the most successful and popular games today.

That said, we have that as part of the celebration of the anniversary Activision is allowing players to obtain their Warzone Report which is a personalized statistics report that they can easily share on social networks.

How can I get my Warzone Report?

To achieve this, they only have to do a couple of simple steps. First of all, they must have a Twitter account since they must go to this social network for their report, specifically entering the official Call of Duty account in the message that we leave them below:

One year of Warzone. Countless games.

Celebrate the first year showing us your Call of Duty stats with the Warzone Report. Click here below and tell us your Gamertag to get it.

Already located in this tweet, you must reply to it with the hashtag #WarzoneReport and the gamertag of your Activision account that you can see directly in the game or by visiting this website .

As you can see, the Warzone report includes the number of hours played, games played, wins, deaths, casualties and the ratio of deaths / casualties, data that you can find in the game and on the website, but here it is presented in a image to show off with your friends and contacts.

Warzone has become a linchpin in the Call of Duty franchise , and it’s available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.


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