Call of Duty Warzone Plunder: How to Dominate

Call of Duty: Warzone is here. It’s big, loud, and full of money. In fact, it is so full of money that it has a separate regime dedicated to collecting and depositing money. This is called robbery.

Imagine how difficult it can be to save money on bills and student loans, then add weapons and team tactics here. This is a rip-off, and you’ll want to know what it is if you want to dominate.

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  • 1. What is Pillage Mode in Warzone?
  • 2. How to play robbery and get more money
    • 2.1. Kill enemies
    • 2.2. Money drops
    • 2.3. Attack breakers
    • 2.4. Mining
    • 2.5. Contracts
    • 2.6. Banks robbery
    • 2.7. What to do with all this money
  • 3. General tips for gameplay

What is Pillage Mode in Warzone?

Plunder is a bit like the main battle royale mode in Warzone, but instead of killing everyone on the battlefield, your goal is to collect and then deposit as much money as possible. As with Fortnite’s Team Rumble mode, you will simply respawn if you die.

This makes it slightly less intense than the main Warzone mode. This also means that there are a few key differences, such as the circle does not shrink. Instead, you have to explore all of Verdansk.

How to play robbery and get more money

To play and win in Plunder, you need to get paid, and there are several different ways to do this.

Kill enemies

This is the most obvious and probably the one that you will be doing most of the time. Killing an enemy forces them to throw some of their money on the floor. Drop them and lift them up to add to your warehouse.

Money drops

During a match, planes sometimes fly and drop money. These crates are easiest to spot by ignoring planes flying over them or looking around to see green smoke trails coming out of them.

You can also spot them on the map by looking for the dollar sign squared ; they fall onto the map at the same time, and usually have kill streaks and other items.

Attack breakers

Robbery matches have a bonus round. At this time, you can see several black helicopters in the air. Destroy them and they will drop a lot of money . But keep in mind that they will definitely fire from onboard machine guns, so try to take cover where possible.


You can also find money as loot around the map, as well as inside loot boxes. The mantra is here: never stop looting. Check cash everywhere and everywhere. Supply crates can often be found indoors or against walls . This means it’s always worth looking inside where you can, just to clear a spot.


You can also try fulfilling contracts that can be found throughout Verdansk. To find them, open the Tac Map and look for the magnifying glass symbol . Contracts give you special missions that will result in high payouts.

There are three types of contracts: bounty, exploration, and scavenger. Bounty contracts you tracked down a specific player in a specific amount of time. Scouting contracts are mostly small CTF games. Collector contracts involve finding supply crates throughout Verdansk.

Banks robbery

Finally, you can rob banks in robbery. There may still be cash in the Acropolis National Bank branches scattered around the map. This can be a great way to get money quickly, but keep in mind that this will set off the alarm . This will alert other players to what you are doing.

What to do with all this money

As soon as you have a piece of money in your hands, you will need to turn it in. You can use Helipads to deposit cash or Balloons to deposit cash . The helipads will be marked with a small piggy bank and you will be able to deposit unlimited cash. You can only deposit a limited amount of money in balloons.

Helipads will become available when one of the teams has collected a total of $ 300,000 , and the balls are a special field upgrade that can be found in loot boxes or bought at buy stations .

General tips for gameplay

Since Plunder’s goal is to get money, you should do your best to achieve this goal. This means doing everything you can to protect your team and destroy others .

Watch out for wide open spaces as you will attract fire as you cross them. Also, make sure to act as a squad at all times to help prevent ambushes.

When the other team is performing particularly well, their approximate position will be marked on the map . It’s important not to let other teams get too far ahead, so it’s worth keeping track of where those teams are and getting in and out if you’re worried they are too far ahead.

Actual leaders in terms of points. there will also be a crown over the circle . If you see a bag of money above the circle, it means the team has a lot of money, get it out too.

In fact, you can win the robbery without even depositing your own money. To do this, one of your team members must raise $ 1,000,000 without contributing. If you can handle this, the money will be automatically transferred.

The key to this style of play is knowing who is going to carry all your money with them, and then making sure they stay alive. Think of it as a support service role and you will do better.

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