Call of Duty: Warzone FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Newbie Tips

Everything You Need to Know About CoD’s Most Popular Battle Royale: Warzone

New for 2020 in the battle royale genre, Call of Duty: Warzone , fits well with the phrase “easy to start, hard to master.” The entry threshold here is much lower than that of the same PUBG or Apex Legends , but only those who are familiar with the materiel and have impressive experience enter the Top 1.

In this guide, we have collected answers to all the most frequently asked questions about the game.

How do I go through the training again?

If you have forgotten the basics of the game and want to repeat them, then this can be done in one of the training modes. The section is available on the Warzone main screen. Launch Warzone Tutorial or Battle Royale Practice Match.

How to survive (win) in the GULAG?

Check out our guide .

How to add to friends / how to play with a friend?

You can add both recently met players and previously familiar people. The latter must have a account linked to a Call of Duty account.

How to add a player from recent matches as a friend:

  1. Press the “Community”button in the upper right corner of the Warzone main screen (also accessible with the F1 key ).
  2. Go to the “Recent Players”tab .
  3. Find the player with the desired nickname and click on his card.
  4. In the menu that opens, click “Friend Request”.

How to add a friend as a friend:

  1. Press the “Community”button in the upper right corner of the Warzone main screen (also accessible with the F1 key ).
  2. Go to the “Friends”tab and click the “Add Friends” button .
  3. Find the player with the desired nickname through the search bar and click on his card.
  4. In the menu that opens, click “Friend Request”.

How to mount a weapon to a stop / how to shoot from a stop / how to use a weapon stop?

You need to go to the corner of the building, window sill, parapet, stone fence, or something else that can serve as a stop. Then press the side button 5 on the mouse or the Z key (default setting).

Which perks should you choose?

Many people take the “Handicap” perk in order to carry two types of primary weapons with them at once. This allows you to take a shotgun together with a sniper rifle, rather than a pistol or knife. When playing alone, the Perks “Cold-blooded” (invisibility for thermal imagers) and “Ghost” (invisibility for UAVs and heart rate sensors) are useful , making you more invisible. And for playing in a team, “Sentinel” (more money for contracts) and “Tuning” (acceleration of resuscitation) are suitable .

How to put on a gas mask?

He puts on himself in the middle of the gas, if it was picked up earlier.

How to earn (open) a watch?

They can only be obtained in the main game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) .

How to redeem a player (ally)?

Collect $ 4500, run to the nearest store and in the right column there will be an option to buy out one of the squad members. After the ransom, it will land next to the store.

If there is not enough money , then you can add up with another comrade by picking up his money (he must throw it out in the menu by pressing the Tab key).

How to discard a weapon?

Switch to weapons you no longer need and pick up another. There is no other way.

How to choose a server?

You cannot select servers in the game. At the entrance there is an independent connection to the nearest one.

What is the best sniper rifle?

The Dragoons are good for beginners , and the AX-50 for veterans . More details in our weapons guide .

Which weapon is best?

Check out our Call of Duty: Warzone weapons guide .

How to quickly pump weapons?

The fastest way is Deathmatch in the main Modern Warfare game. But if you do not have the main game, then it is easier to pump weapons in the “Loot” mode than in the royal battle.

How do I modify weapons?

In the “Weapons” section , you need to select one of the sets and press the “Gunsmith” button next to the primary or secondary weapon.

How to reanimate yourself?

You will need a Self-Reanimation Kit from the store. It costs $ 4500. When you receive a serious injury from the enemy, do not rush to immediately reanimate yourself (key C ) – crawl behind cover or pretend to be dead if the enemy is distracted.

How do I open artists (characters / skins)?

Several skins can be obtained by purchasing the Modern Warfare base game. The rest are unlocked as the level increases, but they can only be applied if you have a Battle Pass (purchased for real money).

How do I open the RAM-7 assault rifle?

There is a rather tricky test to open it. You need to get at least 2 headshot kills with any assault rifle in 25 battles. This will be easier to do at close range or with optics.

How to mark an enemy?

By default – the left ALT key when the crosshair is aimed at the enemy.

How to disable cross-platform / how to disable cross-play?

It is necessary to disable the “Cross platform” option in the “Account” section of the game parameters (the button is located in the lower left corner of the main screen).

How to do finishing blows?

Side button 4 on the mouse. If your mouse does not have side buttons, then reassign “Melee / Finisher” in the control settings in the “Weapons and equipment” section to one of the keyboard keys.

How do I get my tablet?

Warzone doesn’t have tablets as consumables. Sometimes there are contracts in the form of tablets lying on the floor. After taking all the conditions of execution will be constantly written on the left side of the screen.

What to do with drawings?

Blueprints are unlocked after completing special tests ( “Get 25 headshot kills with a pistol” , etc.). When you receive a blueprint, in the customization of your own kit, it becomes possible to take a new weapon as the main or additional one.

Read more about weapons and sets in our guide .

What can money buy?

For real money – Battle Pass and various sets of consumables . For in-game items – useful in battle items like the “Kit for self-reanimation” , your own set of weapons and perks, and much more.

How do I set up my microphone?

All settings are available in the “Audio” section of the game parameters (the button is located in the lower left corner of the main screen). If you do not want to press the V key every time to speak, set the “Open microphone” option in the “Voice chat recording mode “ . But it’s better to immediately increase the recording threshold to about 10 so that party members do not hear the clatter of your keyboard and mouse.

Write in the comments if you have any other questions about the game. We will definitely answer and then supplement the material.


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