Call of Duty Mobile: Top 5 Weapons in Season 9

Call of Duty Mobile introduces a new feature called “Gunsmith” in Season 9. It opens up endless possibilities to customize your favorite weapons . Players can now have access to over a hundred accessories to upgrade their weapons of choice visually and functionally. Each weapon has up to nine accessory slots with more than 60 accessories and perks available. However, even at maximum upgrade, some weapons outperform others in terms of damage, rate of fire, recoil, etc. Let’s take a look at the best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9.

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The DR-H is the best AR in the game. It has a massive damage stat of 71 and accuracy of 45. It is the ultimate weapon for close range combat. However, you may have to practice to control its high recoil rate. In terms of rate of fire, the DR-H has a decent speed. However, it can be offset by the exclusive OTM accessory that increases body damage when firing. With the OTM attached, the weapon can inflict fatal damage with each shot to the body. Although it recently arrived in Season 8, the DR-H has quickly become one of Call of Duty: Mobile’s favorite weapons.

DR-H AR in Call of Duty Mobile


The M4LMG light machine gun appears to fall over in the damage direction, but its insane speed and gigantic magazine easily make up for it. It shoots at a rate of 63, and the large magazine means you rarely have to worry about reloading. The accuracy of the M4 is quite good at 61. That is why the M4LMG is one of the most reliable LMGs in Call of Duty: Mobile. In terms of accessories, a Monolithic Suppressor, an RTC Steady Stock, an OWC Tactical Laser, a Tactical Foregrip A, and a Grainy Grip Tape increase your overall stats.

M4LMG is the best choice for “suppressive fire”


Shotguns are great at close range combat, we all know that. But can they work well in the mid-range? The answer is yes with the KRM-262. This weapon has a fast rate of fire, a super high damage of 98, and an accuracy of 51. It has great power and can shoot twice at any enemy that is near the middle zone. With a Marauder Suppressor, an extended barrel (+2), an RTC Steady Stock, a 5mW MIP laser, and a pointed grip tape, you’ll be invincible in any close-up situation.

Two shots at anyone with the KRM-262


The HG40 is the perfect choice for a submachine gun and assault rifle hybrid. Sacrifice insane rate of fire for range. However, with decent accuracy and low recoil, bullets are more likely to hit their target. The active range of the weapon extends up to 25 meters. At the moment, there is no rival for the HG40 in the SMG class.

The HG40 is the best SMG today

DL Q33

The DL Q33 is the only sniper rifle to make the list. It’s a great no-look weapon and kills in one shot for any blow above the chest. As one of the best sniper rifles in COD Mobile, the DL Q33 has very high damage, good accuracy, perfect for long-range combat. Unfortunately, you will have to give up your rate of fire. You won’t get the second shot with this weapon, so make sure every bullet counts. The AMIP Light, the YKM Combat Staff, the OWC Laser – Tactical, the Bipod, and the Trick of the Hand are wonderful power-ups.


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