Call of Duty Black Ops Guide to the psychological profiles of the cold war

This guide will help you understand how psychological profiles work in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and how you can use this new mechanic to your advantage in Blops Cold War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has many new features that offer deeper immersion for the player.

One of these new features allows the player to create their own character, with different traits and perks. These are provided in the form of psychological profiles of one’s character.

Call of Duty Black Ops Psychological profiles of the cold war

Since you can now create your character in Black Ops Cold War, you can select your character’s background.

Selecting from any of the available military backgrounds has no effect other than developing your character’s backstory.

Psychological profiles, however, are a different story. Different psychological profiles give your character a variety of special abilities or perks.

These perks or abilities grant you an enhanced experience for each of your characters.

The following are the psychological profiles you can choose from:

  • Paranoid: Aiming speed increased by 100% (ADS time halved)
  • Violent Trends: Bullet damage increased by 25%
  • Lone Wolf: Initial Sprint Boost duration 3 times longer
  • Professional: Full speed of movement when using ADS
  • Fearless: Explosive damage taken reduced by 50%
  • Reliable: Ammo capacity increased by 1 magazine
  • Haunted: Tactical and lethal gear capacity increased by 2
  • Aggressive behavior: reload speed increased by 50%
  • Survivor: Health increased by 25%
  • Calm under pressure: the jolt of pain has been reduced by 90%
  • Methodical: weapon kick reduced by 25%
  • Relentless: rate of fire increased by 25%
  • Reliable: damage taken while standing reduced by 30%
  • Impatient: More accurate hip focus during movement

You can choose to pick two from these 14 profiles, which means you can make some pretty decent builds for yourself.

The combination of different profiles can give you particular or widespread advantages.

Choosing both “Calm Under Pressure” and “Methodical” will make your goal extremely accurate.

Likewise, pairing “Relentless” and “Violent Tendencies” make you a killing machine.

You can also create a tank-like character using both “Fearless” and “Trustworthy”.

So, you have a lot of choices as to how you want your character to play in the game.

More unique combinations offer unique experiences for players and only get better when weapon loads complete the choice of profiles.


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