Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cheats and Guide for PC, PS5 and XSX

The Call of Duty saga has touched practically all the suits of the deck, such as World War II – very hackneyed in first-person shooters. It was already touching an important change , which has been introduced in Black Ops Cold War.


  1. All weapons and how to unlock them
    1. Submachine guns
    2. Assault rifles
    3. Tactical rifles
    4. Precision rifles
    5. Light machine guns
    6. Shotguns
    7. Pistols
    8. Rocket launchers and grenade launchers
    9. Knife
  2. Unlock all endings of the campaign
    1. Good ending
    2. Bad ending
    3. Bad and secret ending
  3. How to win in Zombies Mode
    1. Best skills
  4. Get more streaks in multiplayer online games
    1. Have your weapons always loaded
    2. Take advantage of kill streaks
    3. Knows all the maps well

As its name suggests, in this edition you will put yourself in the shoes of a Cold War fighter . This historical period brought with it numerous clashes with weapons. Getting out of them is in your hands, although it will not be easy for you. However, our guide will make things easier for you.

All weapons and how to unlock them

In all FPS the most important thing is to master the weapons that you have at your disposal. Otherwise, it is very difficult for you to survive on the battlefield.

As we are used to by COD, in Black Ops Cold War you can make use of a wide catalog of arsenal . In the next few lines we will describe it together with the advantages that each specific element has.

Submachine guns

They are usually the weapons of choice for beginners, as they fire an enormous number of bullets in a matter of seconds . But this does not mean that advanced players cannot take advantage of them.

In fact, it is common for pro-players to use submachine guns in their games, taking advantage of the fact that if they have good precision, they will supply precisely one of the shortcomings of this arsenal.

  • AK-47u:Operating through an ammunition of only 5.45 millimeters, it allows you to fire bullets with astonishing speed. From level 19 you can start enjoying this automatic submachine gun.
  • Bullfrog:One of the most demanded submachine guns, although unfortunately you have to wait until you reach level 43 . It is worth it, as its reach is greater compared to the others. As if that were not enough, the ammunition lasts a long time.
  • MP5:Classic weapon in the Call of Duty franchise. The recoil is low, so it will be easier for you to target your enemies well. Luckily, the game itself provides you with this submachine gun from the start of the first game.
  • KSP-45:Each burst fires three shots in total. It is not a dish of good taste if you want to empty the magazine immediately, but in return you exert a higher percentage of damage from level 37 at which you obtain said weapon.
  • Milano 821:This submachine gun is very well balanced. It doesn’t excel at anything, but it’s good enough to take down your enemies when you reach level 13 . Quite high damage points, while recoil is tolerable.

Assault rifles

In all the game modes of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War you will always find a multitude of enemies who will try to besiege you with an assault rifle.

This is not surprising, since its good balance makes it an ideal arsenal for medium distance and even long distance if you boast of having a good aim in first-person-shooters.

  • AK-47:It is the best known weapon of all. You do not have to wait long to obtain it, since specifically from level 7 you will have it. Its great power makes this assault rifle stand out, which also has a low cadence.
  • QBZ-83:If this weapon stands out for something, it is because it is manageable with great dexterity and speed even if you are a beginner. Although by the time you reach the minimum required level, 31 , you will already master quite a bit of Black Ops Cold War. The setback at the beginning, however, is somewhat complex.
  • XM4: When you start your game, you will already have an assault rifle that is highly valued by the community thanks to its optimal cadence, being able to control it properly if you do not stop shooting at any time until the magazine is empty. You will get it at level 16 .
  • Krig 6: It has even more precision than power, although in neither of the two characteristics it falls short. At all times you will have outstanding visibility to accurately target whoever you want.
  • FFAR 1: Although it is the last assault rifle you will get, it is not the best, far from it. And it is that its ammunition can be improved, as well as the damage exerted. Even so, you will enjoy a very fast recharge.

Tactical rifles

These types of weapons are difficult to master and for this reason they are not used by many players, but it is a serious mistake. If you can take advantage of them, you will destroy any enemy from almost all distances.

Unlike the sniper rifles that we will describe later, they will not sell you if you miss a shot, since you can take the next without having to wait that long.

  • M16:This tactical rifle has been seen in the COD franchise for many years. Once again, it boasts quite precise gusts and optimal visibility that you will enjoy from level 10 .
  • Tactical rifle 14: This is a semi-automatic weapon. Unfortunately you will have to wait until level 49 to use it, but when you do, you will enjoy very little recoil.
  • Type 63:Although the ammunition is not much less, each bullet exerts a lot of damage without you having to deal with a complex control. Also, they give you said tactical rifle when you start playing.
  • AUG: Reaching level 28 will increase your happiness, as you will finally have a weapon capable of firing bursts with exquisite precision. This is possible thanks to the peephole it has, which applies a zoom of x1.5.

Precision rifles

Perhaps sniper rifles make more sense in other less straightforward or ‘corridor’ FPS sagas like Call of Duty. Even so, pro-players prove year after year that they can be made real escabechinas if you master them.

Black Ops Cold War does not offer a very wide range in this regard, but you can choose from a total of three that differ quite a bit from each other.

  • LW3-Tundra:If you are a fan of quick-scopes, you will not stop using this precision rifle, although to do so you have to reach level 25 beforehand . If you manage to hit your enemy, specifically in his vital parts, you will finish him off with a single bullet.
  • Pelington 703:Unlike the previous one, it does not kill instantly if you shoot in the shoulders, although it does so in the head and even the chest. From the beginning of Black Ops Cold War you will have this weapon whose chamber is fleeting compared to the others.
  • M82: The only sniper rifle that is not bolt-action, but semi-automatic. When you reach level 55 you will get it. If you stabilize it well, you will enjoy exquisite precision, although it is certainly not the fastest weapon in the game, quite the opposite.

Light machine guns

Following the previous example, you will only be able to get three different light machine guns. They are not very varied, but whatever you make use of, it will provide you with a devastating power of annihilation .

And it is not for less, since they fire many projectiles in a few seconds. In addition, the capacity of the chargers is immense , becoming the main allies of beginning players.

  • RPD:Weapon that has already been seen in many other installments. At level 22 you will get hold of it, enjoying its enormous power at a more than acceptable speed.
  • Stoner 63: Of the three, it is the most accurate light machine gun, and by far. Despite receiving it from the beginning, it is considered the best of all, since to this is added a wide ammunition and a moderate recoil.
  • M60: Although it is true that it has a very bad speed, it makes up for this lack with enormous power and generous ammunition. Go up to level 46 to get the weapon.


Some settings in Black Ops Cold War are quite narrow. This will lead to close range shooting situations. Therefore, you will succeed if you have a shotgun in your hands. This time there are only two models , but the differences between the two are abysmal.

  • Rooster SA12: Semi-automatic unit obtained at level 34 . In terms of accuracy and ammunition, it surpasses the next shotgun that we will analyze, but it has a lower power.
  • Hauer 77: Sliding weapon that is obtained early in the game, specifically when level 7 . Thanks to its extremely high power, if you shoot a cartridge from close range you will kill any enemy.


Sooner or later you will live the agonizing moment of not having ammunition with the main weapon. That will be when you must get hold of your gun if you want to continue surviving . But which of them is better?

  • Magnum:This revolver boasts great power that you will enjoy starting at level 31 . Ammo capacity is somewhat low.
  • 1911:This time the ammunition increases a bit, allowing you to fire eight rounds for each magazine you empty before your enemies. When you start the game, you will already have the semi-automatic weapon.
  • Diamatti: By advancing a lot in the game, specifically at level 49 , you will get this pistol that works by bursts. It takes a long time to recharge, while its cadence is high.

Rocket launchers and grenade launchers

If you want to play it safe there is nothing like the most explosive weapons in the game . Hitting your enemy squarely entails a guaranteed loss, although of course they are quite limited arsenals.

  • RPG-7: The most powerful weapon in Black Ops Cold War. At your disposal you will have three chargers for you to use them conveniently from level 40 .
  • Cigma-2: Aiming at enemies requires precision with the sight, but if you target the vehicles, the projectile will be directed automatically causing havoc when hitting them. Second weapon with the highest power that will be provided to you at the beginning of your game.
  • M79: Unlike the previously described rocket launchers, this grenade launcher has a fairly acceptable speed of use. You will have two chargers to hit the grenades whose explosion occurs when they hit something.


We end up with that weapon whose use is somewhat risky if you go face to face, although from level 13 you can stealthily finish off enemies if you go from behind. Cowardly strategy? Maybe, but you will secure a few casualties without fear of being discovered by others.

Unlock all endings of the campaign

Treyarch has shown that it doesn’t just care about multiplayer. Specifically, the campaign has one lasting five hours , which considering the precedents of the saga in recent times is pretty good.

What stands out the most about Black Ops Cold War are the three endings that you can unlock. Getting each of them is not difficult, although it is essential that you follow the following steps.

Good ending

The campaign will end in the most favorable way possible on the part of the USA. Achieving it is easy. After completing ‘To the Other Side’, one of the game’s missions, Adler will interrogate you .

One of the questions will refer to the place where Perseus is. Make sure you choose the true option . That is, choose Solovetsky, a monastery in the Russian country.

Then you will be a participant in the last mission of all: ‘Definitive countdown’. The nuclear arsenal that the Russians had prepared will be intercepted by you, avoiding absolute chaos. At the end of it all there will be a scene between Adler and Bell that we will not describe to avoid spoilers.

Bad ending

In the same interrogation that Adler conducts, he opts for just the opposite answer. If you tell him that Perseus is in Ukraine , specifically in Duga, you will participate in a mission that will take place in that country. It’s about ‘Ashes to Ashes’.

Unfortunately, the trip to Ukraine will be a ploy to give the Russians the time they need to make use of nuclear weapons. Thus, the United States will have lost the Cold War .

Bad and secret ending

Throughout the story mode of Black Ops Cold War you will make an appearance at the CIA Vault E9. Visits will occur in various situations. It does not matter in which one you do it, but you have to carry out an essential action to see a bad ending and not well known by gamers.

It boils down to unlocking a door. Exploring the place will not take long to find it. To open it, just enter the code : 11-22-63. It is the quick method, although Treyarch invites you to rummage through the facilities in order to discover the unlock combination on your own, specifically by finding several notes as clues.

Regardless of whether you interact with the rewards that await you behind the door, you will have already fulfilled the first requirement to unlock this ending. Later the interrogation will take place in which you will again have to choose the option to lie: Duga is the place that you will mention to Adler.

He quickly launches the radio announcement as long as the Soviet team sets a trap for the Americans at Duga’s whereabouts. Next, enter the interior of the shelter whose door you opened with the code and use the radio.

Suspicions about your lie will increase until you confirm it yourself. It will be then when you can kill Adler and even have the pleasure of being the true protagonist of the evil and hidden ending, activating the nuclear arsenal that will declare Russia the winner of the Cold War.

How to win in Zombies Mode

COD: WaW presented for the first time a modality that has been recurrent in the saga since then. In Black Ops: Cold War he is very important again and offers high doses of fun .

Waves of undead will be incessant to end your life. Surviving is not a piece of cake, although with our guide you will have it a little easier.

Best skills

Not all skills in zombie mode are worth it. However, if you make use of the ones that we will detail below, it will be easy for you to annihilate the various undead with whom you come across.

  • Speed ​​Cola:The time it takes to reload your weapons is considerably reduced. This is appreciated, since on many occasions you will run out of ammunition, so it will be convenient to have each weapon ready again to continue dealing with the zombies.
  • Jugger-Nog:Increases the maximum amount of health that you can accumulate. It is one of the new skills that Treyarch has decided to introduce in this edition.
  • Stamin-Up:Enjoy greater speed when moving. This buff applies not only to sprinting, but also to moving around the stage at a normal pace.
  • Aether Shroud:We started with the field upgrades to deal with one of the most useful, since it makes you invisible for the course of five seconds. It seems little, right? Well, it is enough to flee from a complicated horde of zombies and prepare yourself by healing yourself or reloading your weapons.
  • Healing Aura: Both you and the allies who accompany you in this mode will have low health on numerous occasions. When the situation is dangerous, use this field upgrade so that the energy heals you all.
  • Ring of fire: Field upgrade that generates a fiery ring. Not only does it affect the zombies that enter it, but also, throughout the fifteen seconds it lasts, it increases the damage done by your weapons.

Get more streaks in multiplayer online games

Welcome to one of the most competitive FPS . Being such direct confrontations it is common to accumulate many casualties and, above all, innumerable deaths. If you do not want to perish after a short time after having spread, apply these keys that will be very useful.

Have your weapons always loaded

Congratulations, you have finished with an enemy emptying more than half a magazine. The excitement of the moment may lead you to want to find more players to kill, but it is the wrong strategy. If you find yourself with a tough gamer to fight, you will surely end up running out of ammunition and, therefore, you are sold in a 1v1 confrontation.

It is for this reason that, after a loss achieved, it is convenient to get away a little from direct combat. Protect yourself from enemy offensives and reload your weapon . With as little as a ‘loss’ of two seconds, you’ll be ready to deal with one or more enemies at the same time.

Take advantage of kill streaks

Kill streaks work a bit differently in Black Ops Cold War. In fact, perhaps in the heat of battle you may be overlooked that you have accumulated enough points to obtain the most lethal of all.

Do not let this happen to you: you have to be aware of which streaks are the ones you can use at any given time, thus taking advantage of the ones that provide you the most benefits .

For example, starting at level nine, you can take advantage of the RC-XD . It is a kind of car that you will direct by radio-control and that has an explosive implemented, which explodes into a thousand pieces. Thanks to him you can kill an enemy or even more without having to get close.

Another streak that yes or yes has to be taken advantage of, although it needs a total of two thousand points, is the sentry turret . Not only enemy players, but also their own vehicles will succumb to the automatic fire of this arsenal that serves to cover certain areas.

Finally we cannot avoid mentioning a streak of casualties that has been present in the saga for years. We are referring to the attack helicopter that, after reaching four thousand points, can be deployed to provide you with armed support against the enemy.

Knows all the maps well

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has introduced more than a dozen completely new maps. As in other first person shooters, you will not only succeed in multiplayer if you master the weapons. Additionally, it is also necessary that you learn the location of each element present on a map.

Although campers are not very well regarded in this game, the truth is that you can get countless casualties if you crouch in a well-placed corner and wait for the enemies to pass. However, if you are located in an area that is visible from afar, you will be at the mercy of snipers and other gamers capable of blowing your head off making you pay dearly for your strategy.

Keep in mind that most maps are medium in size , so you won’t have too much difficulty learning them one hundred percent. But some of them are somewhat more complex in this sense.

A clear sample are Ruka and Alpine . The first one faces you against 39 other users in a setting full of trees and even the occasional stream. The second one that we have mentioned covers some mountains full of snow in which it is easy to go unnoticed.


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