Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) guide, cheats, tips, and secrets

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the reboot of the saga of the same name, part of the Call of Duty franchise . Ignoring the facts of the original trilogy, we see familiar characters in a completely different universe, with a new conflict, new situations, but the same old problem. Because war … war never changes.

Throughout this guide we will help you complete the game campaign, as well as teach you everything you need to know before going into multiplayer. Be careful, we are not going to play for you nor are we going to make you the star of any eSports team. But perhaps with a little basic information you will be able to improve yourself and reach the top.

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  1. History
  2. Multiplayer modes
  3. Weapons
  4. Advantages
  5. Field improvements
  6. Loss streaks


The game’s campaign begins when Al Qatala, a terrorist group, manages to carry out an attack on British territory . At the same time, a CIA operation on Russian soil seeks to confirm the presence of chemical weapons at a base commanded by an army dissident . When things are complicated beyond any limit, only the legendary SAS Captain Price will be able to lead a team that avoids World War III.


  • Fog of war :CIA searches for chemical weapons on Russian soil.
  • Piccadilly :A SAS agent is attending what appears to be a possible terrorist attack.
  • Infiltrators :The CIA contacts the insurgents.
  • Subsidiary War :Alex continues to gain the support of Farah and his own.
  • Cleaning up :Price and his team are looking for information about the Picadilly bombing.
  • Hunting Party :The Marines head to a hospital where the Wolf could hide.
  • Embassy :SAS comes to Alex’s aid to extract a high-value target.
  • Deadly Highway :Insurgents prepare to ambush Al Qatala.
  • Origins :Farah tells her story.
  • The Wolf’s Lair :The entire team heads to the al Qatala leader’s hideout.
  • Captives :Farah remembers the years she spent as a prisoner.
  • Old Comrades :Price and Garrick head to Russia to get information on their next objective.
  • Radio silence :the captain and his best man head to the Barkov estate.
  • In the oven :Price commands the entire team in one last operation to stop an impending war.

Multiplayer modes

Do you have questions about the modes available in competitive multiplayer ? Do you only like this kind of games if there are your favorite modalities, such as Confirmed Cancellation or Demolition? To resolve these doubts, here we show you all the currently available game modes:

  • Quick game :if you don’t want to wait, enter this combined game mode.
  • Ground War :A kind of dominance mode in which vehicles will play an important part.
  • Shootout : teamplay mode. The team with the most eliminations wins.
  • Against all :classic mode, all against all, the last player standing wins.
  • Tactical rules :game mode without interface. Only for veterans or those looking for a more realistic challenge.
  • Private game :configure your own rules to train or play games with friends in the conditions that you choose.


A soldier is nothing if he does not have a weapon with which to neutralize threats. You have at your fingertips practically all those available in campaign mode, and you can customize them with accessories and camouflages to fully enjoy all the games.

  • Accessories and Camouflages :Learn how weapon accessories work, and how to get camouflages.
  • Assault rifles :Kilo 141; FAL; M4A1; FR 5.56; Oden; M13; FN SCAR 17 and AK-47.
  • Submachine Guns :AUG; P90; MP5; Uzi; PP19 Bizon and MP7.
  • Shotguns :Model 689; R9-0 shotgun; 725 and Origin 12 Shotgun.
  • Light machine guns :PKM; SA87; M91 and MG34.
  • Tactical rifles :EBR-14; MK2 and Kar 98K carbine.
  • Precision rifles :Dragunov; HDR and AX 50.
  • Short weapons (pistols) :X16; 1911; .357; M19 and .50 GS.
  • Launchers :Stack; Strela-P; JOKR and RPG-7.
  • Melee :
  • Lethal (direct damage throwing objects) :Claymore; Fragmentation grenade; Molotov cocktail; C4; Semtex; Throwing knife; Proximity pump and Termite.
  • Tactical (special effect devices) :Blinding Grenade; Smoke grenade; Vision grenade; Heartbeat sensor; Gas grenade; Stimulant and pomegranate lure.


The perks are the equivalent of the passive abilities of other games. Activating one or the other to compensate for your deficiencies or enhance your strengths can make a decisive difference in combat. Find out how each one works to adapt to the battlefield.

  • Light step .
  • Sapper .
  • Excess media .
  • Scavenger .
  • Cold blood .
  • Quick patch .
  • Replenishment .
  • Hard line .
  • Maximum alert .
  • Ghost .
  • Casualty chain .
  • Pointer .
  • Tuning .
  • Amplified .
  • Shrapnel .
  • Veteran .
  • Observer .
  • Tracker .

Field improvements

The improvements field are active skills to support our team . These are gadgets that can be deployed multiple times in the same confrontation, and offer everything from more ammunition to makeshift protections in shootouts.

  • Armament box .
  • Recon drone .
  • Deadly silence .
  • Ammunition with a damaging force .
  • Trophy system .
  • Drop down coverage .
  • Tactical insertion .
  • PEM drone .
  • Supply of weapons .

Kill streaks

A classic of competitive multiplayer modes, casualty streaks are back, and they’re as deadly as ever. You will know perfectly well that you are in a game with skilled players when you constantly see drones, helicopters, some Juggernaut and who knows if a certain devastating explosion …

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  • Nuclear bomb (Nuke) :how to get it and use it.
  • Personal radar .
  • Personal turret .
  • Response UAV .
  • UAV .
  • Help package .
  • Cluster attack .
  • Cruise missile .
  • Precision airstrike .
  • Infantry assault vehicle .
  • Sentinel .
  • Wheelson .
  • Emergency launch .
  • VTOL fighter .
  • White phosphorus .
  • Helicopter gunner .
  • Support helicopter .
  • Gunship plane .
  • Advanced UAV .
  • Juggernaut .


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