A businessman who follows the rules of conduct becomes more successful

Successful traders are not in a day. Gradually, as he learned the business, his behavior changed. The practices that a successful businessman must adhere to are discussed.

When you first meet someone, you should try to say hello, say hello, glade to meet you, etc. The first thing to remember is to get a positive idea about yourself. Read more – Handshake is the way people know .

A successful businessman should keep in mind the tone and tone of his voice. Don’t speak too softly or too loudly. Say it slowly and clearly, remember that what you say is important but how you say it is more important.

Coughing or sneezing can come when you speak, it is not your fault. Say ‘Excuse Me’ in this area.

Don’t argue with anyone. If the opinion does not match, then the argument must be extinguished. If he does not mean logic, do not go to him for a second time. Because there are some people who don’t understand as much as you do. Whether he can understand it or not, you will not be intimidated.

Introduce yourself to a big event. Don’t highlight yourself too much. When a woman actually comes up to meet you, get up and ask her to sit down. But it is not needed in the woman’s field.

It’s better not to talk at the door, don’t talk long if you don’t need to. After returning from an event, thank the phone the next day, you can appreciate the cooking.

Put the ankle first while walking, so it won’t sound. Do you know the fault of a successful person? When walking with someone, just walk with him, not moving forward or backward. If you have a few people at the same time do not talk face to face.

The clothing part of a businessman is very important in the rules that a businessman adheres to. Wear the right size. Do not wear more loose clothing or clothes that fit with the cow. Do not choose clothes that look very eye-catching. Wear clothing where you want to go, what to do, etc.

Do not follow someone like the blind. Try to make yourself a brand.

by Abdullah Sam
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