Business English: Leading a Team in English

The first thing you have to learn to do if you want to lead a team in English is … tell your position! Please be careful and do not say that you are the / manager / … Manager in English is pronounced / mán acha / (in British English) or / mán acha r / (in American English), in both cases with a sound that does not exist in Spanish / ch / and that is something like a ch , but softer and more vibrating.

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In this article, you will learn useful vocabulary and a grammatical structure that will help you communicate with the people on your team in English . Let’s go for it!



Here is a list of key vocabulary for a team manager. Do you want to learn to read English or learn to be understood when you speak English? If it is the second, do not forget to read everything aloud, leaning on the third column.

fostering team spirit team building / timimildild (g) /
training session training session / tréi nin (g) seshhhn /
incentives incentives / inssssentivvvsss /
ascent promotion * / pr to moushhhn /
Extra hours overtime / óu vvv a taim /
Of short duration short-term / shhhóoteem /
long-lasting long-term / lón (g) teem /

* To promote
 someone is how we say promote someone. We Also Promote ( promote ) to help them sell better products.




This structure is used to talk about something that will have happened  ( Will Have Happened ) at a specific future time, for example: one o’clock , next week , 2056 , next July , etc.

The perfect future is formed like this: will have studied , will have been , will have had … Remember, the structure in English is with  by  and not with when . For example,  For next year we will have had ten training sessions  would be:  By next year we’ll Have had ten training sessions .

To make your English sound more natural, when you use this structure, contract the pronouns with the verb  will , like this:  he will he’ll ; she will  =  she’ll ; we will  =  we’ll , etc. 

By Christmas you will have been promoted. By Christmas you’ll have been promoted . 
I hope they made me a manager for Christmas. I hope to have been made manager by Christmas.
I hope we have had the training session by then.   I expect we’ll have had the training session by then.  
How many extra hours will you have done at the end of this month? How much overtime will you have done by the end of the month?
I think I will have been promoted by 2056. I think I’ll have got a promotion by 2056.


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