Burnt car clutch: how to recognize it and what to do

The blown clutch is a big problem, and it gives very clear signals: we learn to recognize them. What are the causes? Here’s how to avoid damaging your car’s engine.

Burnt clutch: how to recognize it

You have just turned off the engine and are starting to smell strong – this is the first sign that the vehicle’s clutch has burned out . What should you do in this case?

First of all, don’t move the car anymore: even a few kilometers can be fatal for the engine. Exactly, because driving with the clutch “gone”, in addition to causing dangerous slippage, you can definitely ruin the engine.

Do not postpone the checks : the clutch, formed by the disc with a set of springs and a bearing, once burned emits a strong acrid smell, especially when the engine is switched off: another unmistakable clue will be a great difficulty in engaging the gears (which will scratch ). In some more extreme cases they will not even be inserted.

Driving with your foot always on the clutch pedal , or constantly subjecting the car to long efforts, are the main causes of this irreversible situation, in addition of course to aging and wear.

Warning: remember that by having your car checked as soon as you smell even a slight odor, you can save on any repairs.

Burnt clutch: what to do

By now the clutch of your car is burnt : what happens in these cases?

First of all, there will be problems moving it, also for safety: the engine will in fact go up in revs at your acceleration, but will not pick up speed.
All this, in addition to putting you in danger, will contribute to ruin it.

At this point you just have to call a tow truck (check if it is included in your insurance) to have the car delivered to the mechanic, in order to change the clutch.

The regular preventive checks that we recommend you to have (such as the coupon ), allow you to avoid running into situations of this type as much as possible, and therefore to save money.

Warning: do not forget that on newer cars the clutch is much more delicate than in the past, as it no longer has asbestos in the disc.

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