How to build a business-based chicken farm

For poultry farming, first you have to select advanced breeds. After this the chicken must be settled. The number of chickens has to be determined based on the habitat, size, size, area of ​​the chicken. Before setting up a chicken farm, the farm should be established considering the transportation system, easy availability of water and labor and the social status of the four sides.

If you want to start out with a small farm, this is not a consideration at all. And if you want to set up a business-based farm, you must start with these considerations.

Since you want to set up a business-based farm, you need to make the right plans in mind so that you can make the most profit.

There are basically three types of business based chicken farms:

  1. The business of producing eggs.
  2. Poultry breeding for broiler or meat production
  3. The business of egg and lactation

Let’s discuss these three types of chicken farms.

Eating eggs – Production business:

The demand for chicken eggs is increasing day by day as the farm has not yet grown. So this business can be done over time. To get more eggs, you need to start a farm with advanced varieties of chicken. Better varieties of chicken can produce 25 to 4 eggs a year. Unnecessary men should buy and buy a baby to protect themselves from abuse.

If your farm does not need to buy as many babies as you need to sell at the same time, when the good chicken age ends at 6 months, it may be a loss to the farm.

When the first time you buy the farm your baby will be 12 months, ie 6 years, then you should buy a whole new 3 day baby, so your farm will be balanced.

Poultry rearing for broiler or meat production

Poultry production for broiler or edible meat is increasing day by day. If there was no chicken in today’s market, how much money would you have to buy and eat indigenous chickens?

Broilers have become popular day by day. Broiler chicken can be sold from the age of 6 weeks. If a chicken is more than 6 weeks old then the loss will be higher than the profit. Broiler chicken foods are high in comparison to many farms that prepare food in local ways.

The business of egg and lactation

If the farm is intended to produce a baby then either the purebred chickens will be nourished. It may cost a little extra in the beginning to get the purebred chicken. Two months after buying a baby, the male baby must be separated. It should reduce some losses. After 6 months the wife started laying eggs

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