Brown spot on the leaves of domestic plants and its remedy

Recently I noticed chlorophyllum at the spider plant in my house basket while taking care of the indoor tree . It is great to see a spider plant from a distance. A bunch of leaves on its head were floating around the basket. But as I got closer I noticed a lot of brown spots or brown spots on the leaves.

Why are brown spots on plants?

Many people think that this problem is actually caused by the trees growing outside the house. The reason for this can be stated that this stress can occur many times as the plants move from low light to low light.

Irrigation method

Let us take a look at the differences between the amount of water an experienced gardener uses at a domestic plant and what the newly hobbies gardeners use.

 Experienced farmers irrigation water source

In the context of Bangladesh, most experienced farmers grow crops in rural areas. Also in this group are experienced nursery gardeners. They supply water collected from natural sources to the trees. Many run irrigation programs by pumping water from a deep tube well through pumps from rivers or other sources. They may not be as clean as the water supplied in the city’s dwellings, but these waters contain a good amount of natural mineral and chlorine.

The pathogenesis of plants and crops produced by the water collected from these natural sources is relatively low.

Irrigation water source for urban gardens

At present, most flat or building owners of Dhaka city have electric or diesel pump driven wells. Most households use water directly from WASA. All these water is supplied from the river or source through the treatment plant to the residence.

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For some years WASA began adding chlorine and fluoride to the water supply. Fluoride is good for our teeth but bad for many domestic plants.


Wasser water supplied in the city usually contains 3 ppm (per million) of fluoride, four times more than what is considered safe for sensitive domestic plants.

That is not to say that if you irrigate your domestic plants with tap water, they will soon die.


Over time, some small chemicals, such as boron and fluoride, form into the leaf. This structure shows brown spots on the leaves of plants, especially in Dresnia and spider plants. Spathophyllums – The plants of the pus lily varieties show leaves deformed or yellow due to the high amount of boron.

Lack of moisture

The brown spot is also an indication of a lack of moisture. Many common indoor plants grow in the jungle, so if the humidity in your house is low, you need to water your plants daily. Keeping home plants together helps maintain your home’s humidity levels.

Other causes of brown nozzle on your gut flora:

  • Plant worms such as spider mites and other pests
  • Applying too much fertilizer
  • Due to the large amount of irrigation, the roots of the tree are decomposed
  • Not enough irrigation water
  • To be harmed by chemicals
  • Tree diseases such as powdery mildew, bacterial leaf spot and fungal diseases.
  • Reading the sunlight directly
  • Obstruction of air circulation
  • Adequate nutritional deficiencies (calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus deficiency)

By starting to use good water in your plants.

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How do you irrigate domestic plants?

The easiest way to irrigate yourself for your plants is to fill a pot with tap or tap water. This causes the chlorine in the water to freeze below. Many people use distilled water because it does not contain the chemicals found in tap water at all.


Experienced gardeners must always be careful to irrigate the water, water cannot be allowed in the container. For many gardeners this is not a problem and for some it is a traditionally a battle!


If you are experiencing brown issues at the tip of your tree, leave some water in the container the night before watering the tree.


Helping off the potential headaches of brown spots caused by chlorine and fluoride is another way for you to enjoy your plants more.

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