What is a Broker House and how to identify a good broker house

Choosing the right broker house is the first step to becoming a successful investor. Today’s article focuses on how to open a BO account in a good broker house chain .

Broker House is the key

Licensed companies from the Broker House Securities and Exchange Commission who work for the general investor, including buying and selling shares in the stock market, collecting IPO money, depositing CDBL fees. Broker House started its activities with a paid up capital of Tk 2 lakh as a member of the Dhaka or Chittagong Stock Exchange.

The simplest thing I can say is, a broker house works like a bank. We all know fairly much about banking activities. The bank provides banking services to ordinary people, such as opening a bank account, depositing money, lending, etc.

Just like that, Broker House opened a BO account of investors, deposited money to buy shares from the primary and secondary markets, and bought and sold shares for customers through online services. Moreover, the broker gives the loan as the bank gives the loan. This loan is called a margin loan.

Way to know a good broker house

Despite spending years under one roof, people are known to have a lot of trouble, but a good broker house is known to some extent.

All those houses with better capital. Moreover, the house should be selected without knowing the answers to some questions. For example

  • What kind of company is Broker House?
  • Who runs this house?
  • What are the Directors Known?
  • How long have you been familiar with this business?
  • What is the paid up capital?
  • How is customer service?
  • How is the IT system?
  • What is the commission rate?
  • How many brunches are there, do they have brunches near you?
  • How do you pay a margin loan? And so on.

Not all houses provide the same service, so it is important to open a BO account with good news in particular. Successful investors choose a good house before investing. The commission may be less, but the service is as good as the broker house. Have a good investment.

by Abdullah Sam
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