Broken timing belt: noises and symptoms

What are the real symptoms of a broken or about to break timing belt? Let’s find out together by reading the article.

Why check the timing belt

The timing belt is a fundamental component of the car because it guarantees the synchronization of the crankshaft with the camshaft: understanding when it is worn is therefore very important, and in this article we will try to clarify.

Although the timing belt is very robust and designed to withstand tensions and high operating temperatures for years, it still needs to be checked regularly in the workshop. The times are indicated by Casa Auto , but the fact remains that it may be subject to unexpected breakages.

What are the symptoms of a breaking timing belt?

Sometimes there are none, but in general to avoid sudden breakage the belt should be checked regularly during maintenance on the vehicle.

In case of breakage there are no symptoms but consequences: the engine stops and does not start again, and the damage can be serious (such as valve breakage).

A tip: if the car does not start even though the battery and the starter motor are ok, if the engine failure light illuminates (or flashes) or if you feel a sudden loss of power while driving , stop immediately and ask for help. specialised personnel.

Symptoms of worn belt

However, there is good news: in fact, the correct maintenance of the timing belt is normally enough to avoid major damage, and at the same time the utmost attention to some symptoms of wear in an advanced state.

The timing belt is made of resistant textile fibers covered with a rubber coating: constant use and the passage of time could damage it.

Paying attention to some symptoms can therefore help to avoid sudden breakage: worry and go to a technician if you hear a rubbing noise coming from the timing cover area or shrill screeching while running.

In these cases, subject the vehicle to a visual inspection: however, we recommend that you go to a workshop to have the timing belt checked which, in modern cars, is often hidden behind other components.

Never underestimate the importance of checks and regular maintenance!


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