Broken auto water pump: what to do

Immediately noticing a problem with your car’s water pump is important to avoid serious consequences for the engine (and more)! But how to tell if something is wrong? And above all, what to do? Here is everything you need to know.

Car water pump: how it works

As always, let’s start by explaining what a car’s water pump is: this indispensable device takes care of turning the coolant in the cooling system, allowing the engine to work at the optimum temperature.

On all cars, if the water pump works badly, this mechanism cannot be guaranteed and therefore the so-called “overheating” occurs, a condition that can cause irreparable damage.

In fact, in this case, due to the high temperatures, the engine oil loses its natural and indispensable viscosity, no longer lubricates as necessary and all the mechanics wear out sooner.

In these conditions the pistons suffer (risk of seizure) and the head gasket (risk of burning), but also the cooling system, pipes and various fittings. So here’s how to avoid problems and how to notice that the water pump is working badly, to immediately run for cover!

Broken car water pump: symptoms

The water pump usually gives warning signs of its malfunction, so you just have to be careful and don’t underestimate them.

The first signal is the engine temperature indicator : in case it rises frequently, a visit to the mechanic is urgent.

The second sign is spots under the car : check if it is coolant and take the car to a technician. In this case the leak is probably due to the worn seals.

The third signal is a loud sound that you can hear coming from the front of the vehicle , which increases as you accelerate: in this case, the cause is probably a loosening of the belt that connects the pump to the engine (or worn pump bearings).

Do not forget that using the car, ignoring the problem, will lead you to risk serious damage to the engine, and to spend much more for the repair.


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