A brief review of Surat at-Tiin

Al-Qur’an al-Kariim which is interpreted as a language “Perfect Readings”, while if explained a little longer is one of the names of the Book revealed by Allah SWT to the great prophet Muhammad SAW. through the intermediary angel Gabriel.

This reading from the Koran was also distributed to all the people of the Prophet Muhammad and the end-time people. How to read it also has its own rules, so that often we hear the melodious sound of the recitation and pleasant to listen to the ear.

As Muslims, it certainly cannot be separated from studying, reading, and knowing the deep meaning of what is in the Koran. And practice the contents that are in it.

Of the many existing letters in the Koran, of course we must learn little by little learn to read plus understand it. Let’s take the example of Surat at-Tiin which consists of eight verses. This letter is also a letter that is often read by imams in performing the five prayers.

This letter will have a very meaning and meaning if everyone can understand it well and truly. Both in prayer, recitation or currently carrying out their daily activities.

Before learning or reading the Koran, there are certainly some things that need to be considered, especially for those who want to read it too. This is related to the procedures, manners and how to read the Qur’an itself.

Adab study or read the Koran include:

  1. Done attentively or slowly (for the term reading known as tartil)
  2. Can be done anywhere, but it would be nice if done from dirty or unclean places (preferably a holy place)
  3. If you are in a state of large hadas, purify (wash) first
  4. Prioritized to sit facing the Qibla
  5. Don’t forget to read ta’awudzand basmalah
  6. Let ablution before reading it
  7. Preferably when reading the Koran read in a sweet voice
  8. Read the Koran under any conditions (whether you are in a happy condition or in a difficult condition)
  9. Focus on the verses of the Qur’an that are being read. Do not stop reading just because something trivial alias does not need to be done.

This at-Tiin letter has eight verses. This letter also falls into the category of Makkiyah letters and falls after the al-Buruj letter. The word at-tiin (Buah Tiin) which is located in the first verse is used as the name of this letter.

Surat at-Tiin and translation:


  1. For the sake of FIGS and olives
  2. For the sake of Mount Sinai
  3. For the sake of this safe (Makkah) country
  4. Really, We have created humans in the best form
  5. Then We return them to the lowest place (hell)
  6. Except those who believe and do righteous deeds; then they will get an unending reward
  7. So what caused (them) to deny you (about) the Day of Judgment after the information?
  8. Isn’t Allah the Just Judge ??

Important Points on Surat at-Tiin

After reviewing and reading the brief letter at-Tiin above, of course we can get important points from the letter.

  1. Tiin and Sinai itself. Buah Tiin is interpreted by some commentators as the residence of the prophet Noah alaihissalaam. While zaituun is defined as Baitul Maqdis (an area which is overgrown with zaituun trees
  2. Mount Sinai is the name of the place where the prophet Musa aliahissalaamreceived revelations from Allah SWT.
  3. The purpose of the safe Land in that verse is the city of Mecca, the place where the Prophet Muhammad was sent by Allah to spread the religion of Islam.
  4. Humans are creatures that are best created by Allah ( ahsani taqwiim)
  5. Humans will be placed according to their respective deeds.
  6. Believers and righteous deeds will get a continuous reward or reward and there will never be a break
  7. Only Allah is the Just Judge
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