Breast Pain: Causes and Treatment.

Breast pain is very common for women to go through a series of episodes throughout their lifetime. This condition is usually associated with increased sensitivity to this area during the menstrual period, but may also have pathological causes that require treatment.

Table of contents

  • mastalgia
  • Causes of breast pain.
    • Cyclical pain
    • Non-cyclic pain
    • Breast pain may cause pregnancy
    • Fibroadenoma
    • Sign of breast cancer
  • Sinus Pain Risk Factors
  • Treatment of breast pain
  • Treatment with drugs for sinus pain


About 70% of women I had already suffered from breast pain, a condition called mastalgia at some point in life. Pain may appear in one or both breasts (or even in the armpits). The intensity of pain can be variable. On average, 15% of women who experience breast pain undergo some type of medical treatment. Although most cases of breast pain have a benign cause and are not related to cancer, breast cancer, any persistent discomfort in the area of ​​the breast should be referred to a gynecologist.


There are two main types of breast pain: cyclic and pain not cyclic .


There are cyclic types related to menstrual changes in estrogen and progesterone hormone levels of women associated with the menstrual cycle. In these cases, pain usually arises on the day of ovulation and continue till the menstrual period.

During each menstruation, breasts swell because hormonal stimulation causes enlargement of the mammary glands and conductive condensation, which causes water retention in this area. For this reason, women experience fuller breasts during this time of the month, which may increase pain and sensitivity.

These pains can be mild or severe. In some cases, the woman does not support any contact with the breasts during these times. As they do, the pain usually disappears spontaneously at the end of menstruation. On average, the pain is stronger among 30-year-old women . Menopause usually ends with an image of breast pain.


Non-cyclical types of pain are less frequent and have no relation to the menstrual cycle. The pains are usually found in more specific areas and they are more stable. Women who have suffered any type of trauma or injury in this area and who wear very tight bras are more likely to develop non-cyclic breast pain.


Another cause of non-cyclic breast pain is pregnancy. One of the symptoms is increased sensitivity to pain and breast palpation. Early pregnancy However, its presence without the presence of other factors, such as morning nausea and, of course, menstrual blockage, should not make the woman guess that she is pregnant.


Mastia may also be a sign of fibroadenoma . Fibroadenoma is a benign (non-cancerous) tumor that usually manifests as a hardened nodule in 30-year-old women. Fibroadenoma develops into cancer only in very rare cases.


One of the symptoms of breast cancer is breast pain. However, in the case of pregnancy, through self-examination of the breast, without perception, especially the special occurrence of mastitis., Nodules in the sinus or axilla: it does not indicate the presence of the disease.


The main risk factors for sinus pain are the use of a birth control pill , hormone replacement therapy and weight gain. Women who already have breast cancer are suffering from more painful breasts.


In general, it is not necessary to take any medication to treat sinus pain, which tends to disappear spontaneously . However, there are some actions that can speed up the women’s recovery process.

Among them is the lack of breast movements, wearing tight fittings but not tight bra. Also, it is important to reduce salt intake, do not consume caffeine (coffee, tea, soda), adopt a fat-free diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains.

Eat a good amount of vitamin B1B6 and E can also help reduce pain. When pain increases, avoiding stress and anxiety, and using relaxation techniques using water compresses are other effective actions against breast pain.


In some very specific cases, hormone treatment may be necessary. Supplements or hormonal blockers to cure breast pain. In these cases, birth control pills, the male hormone, thyroid hormone y estrogen blocker .

Supplement hormones and hormonal blockers can cause side effects. In the patient due to this, the risks and benefits of these forms of treatment should be evaluated very well by an expert as to which procedure to adopt.

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