Brand Personification The Right Way To Work On Target Customers

Brand personification is the process of animating the brand to interact, think, and live according to the brand’s personality . Why does brand personification work? Many people buy something not because of the advantages of a product but because the product has the right personality with the customer.

An important part of the branding process is ensuring that customers have the opportunity to experience the brand through a number of visual components for branding. It is important that the signage and other peripheral parts provide the right context for a brand . In other words, a cosmetic brand that is trying to make a bold statement is likely to go with bold markings and bright colors, but it won’t work for a conservative cosmetic brand that would benefit from softer pastels.

Coach IP Holdings LLC is an American company that specializes in luxury accessories such as handbags . Coach is already present in Indonesia and the personification shown is that it is only people who usually live in luxury who will approach to become customers. Brand personification makes buyers immediately identified according to the product offered.

Coach was founded in 1941 as a family-run workshop in an attic on 34th Street in Manhattan with six leather workers making wallets by hand. In 1946, Miles Cahn and his wife Lillian joined the company, they are owners of a leather bag making business and have knowledge of leather work and business. In September 2019, Coach appointed Jide J. Zeitlin, Chairman of the Board, as the new CEO of Tapestry (Coach New York’s Holding Company), replacing former Chief Executive Officer Victor Luis.

Coach made $ 84 million in 2017 and $ 4.22 billion in 2018. Brand personification is very strong to generate high revenue . Coach presents a luxurious brand personification and only exists in malls on strategic roads, for example at Grand Indonesia Jl. MH Thamrin Jakarta.

Another example of how a brand personification can be is Watch Studio, Watch Studio is a licensee of famous and prestigious brands: Aigner, Elle, French Connection, GF Ferre, Ingersoll, Momo Design, Police, Raymond Weil, Timberland, Titan, Tonino Lamborghini, and WISH. The existence of Watch Studios throughout Indonesia has made them closer to our customers to facilitate their requests and to offer better services.

The personification of the Watch Studio who positioned himself as the place where the customers of the prestigious watch would visit. Watch Studio itself is not a watch brand , but a place to shop for various prestigious watch brands. For example Aigner, a designer who came from Hungary first made handbags in New York but later became a brand for watches also from Switzerland. Watch Studio also puts itself together with the personification of various prestigious brands , all stores and various online and offline displays are displayed in a different class from other watch shops.

It is very important for company owners and top management to realize that they give ‘life’ to the product or service brand offered as a form of customer relationship that becomes a channel to reach the right customer segment.

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