Messenger “Telegram” has long become a kind of “refuge” for book lovers. Thanks to Telegram, like-minded people can calmly discuss the works they like, provide others with the opportunity to download books and share them without fear of being blocked.



This is a book bot from the largest “book brotherhood” in the Russian segment – “Flibusta”.

Most fans to while away the time reading have long known about this community, but, unfortunately, sites and groups on social networks are constantly being blocked. And not so long ago “Flibusta” launched its bot, which allows you to download works from the community base, and its size is really impressive and is not much inferior to the same “Liters”.


  1. Spend a search for “robot” in his name «@flibustafreebookbot» and click on “Start”.
  2. In response, you will receive a message with a greeting text and search recommendations, you need to enter the name or author of the work.
  3. Further, if matches are found in the “Flibust” library, all results will be sent in a message, there will also be download links.
  4. After clicking on the link, you will receive a new message with a short description and choice of format.
  5. Further, it remains to click on the sent file in order to download the book in the format of your choice.


This book “robot” is significantly inferior in functionality to its more eminent competitor. Checking the work showed meager results, only 2 matches out of 10 specified options, even despite the fact that the search is carried out in the Liters database, and the name was copied from the resource itself and entered without changes.

That is why it is impossible to call this bot “Telegram”, whose books are not available for search, completely working, but, according to the assurances of the developers, this will be fixed soon.


There are three commands available for work:

  1. “/ Name” – you need to enter the name of the book. Unfortunately, during many attempts to get the answer from the “robot”, it was noticed that it almost always gives “Nothing found” if the name contains more than two words. Therefore, it is better to indicate the keyword from the name in the message to the bot and then search by matches.
  2. “/ Author” – the name of the author of the work is used.
  3. “/ Rand” – produces a random product.


In “Telegram” there are units of resources specializing in providing users with a catalog with audiobooks, but this is understandable, since this type of literary creation is not very popular. This also applies to “robots”.

For those who have a bookshelf not only of their printed and electronic editions, there is a specialized channel called “Audiobooks”.

Alternatively, you can use bots that provide access to audio files of the VKontakte social network, for example, @vkmusic_bot. Just enter the name of the audiobook, and if it matches the files in the social. network “VKontakte” you can download it or start listening directly from “Telegram”.


As a result, it should be said that, unfortunately, most of the book-themed bots in Telegram either do not cope with their functionality, or are temporarily unavailable, as, for example, the Tap2bot and bukvoedbot bots are currently unavailable.

Otherwise, as long as there is such a community as “Flibusta”, which do not set as their goal to make money on their users and on the bots they create, you don’t have to worry about the availability of literary works, especially at this time, when there are not so many bookstores, they can be counted on the fingers .

by Abdullah Sam
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