Bone Club in Rust: An Overview

Rust has a huge variety of all kinds of weapons. You can pick up weapons for almost any player at any stage of development. In the beginning, of course, you will have to use cheap weapons that do not require research and a lot of resources for crafting. Then you can use more expensive weapons. But at the very start of development, you don’t have to choose, since you only have a stone and a torch in your inventory. And if the torch can still be somehow realized at the later stages of the game, then the stone is often thrown out at the first opportunity.

Yes, rock is the most terrible weapon and mining tool in Rust. But is there a cheap replacement for it that can replace it, albeit not much bypassing it in terms of characteristics? There is such a replacement in the game – a bone club, which in all respects will be better than a stone, and it can be crafted for a penny.

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  • 1Bone Club in Rust: An Overview
    • 1Where to find
    • 2How to craft
    • 3How many resources does it extract
    • 4What damage does
    • 5What drops after processing
  • 2How to get through admin mode

Bone Club in Rust: an overview

Where to find

A clear plus for the bone club in Rust is that you don’t have to look for this item anywhere. Crafting is immediately available to all players at the very start of development on the server. You will not be able to buy or find a bone cudgel, however, unless you kill a person with such a weapon, or accidentally find him in some overgrown house.

Bone club

How to craft

Before crafting a bone club, you will have to find and kill some animal – we need this to extract fragments of bones, from which a bone club is made. 20 bone fragments are enough for a head, that is how much it will take to craft 1 bone club.

How many resources does it extract

name of the property Resources
Big cactus Fabric (53%); cactus pulp (54%)
Medium cactus Fabric (53%); cactus pulp (54%)
Small cactus Fabric (53%); cactus pulp (54%)
Human Human meat (0-3), animal fat (0-11), skull (50%), bone fragments (0-5)
Small young pine 59 units of wood
Hen 1 chicken, 3 tissue, 6 bone fragments
Boar 20 animal fat, 5 tissue, 4 boar meat, 10 leather, 25 bone fragments
Horse 5 animal fat, 13 tissue, 3 horse meat, 25 leather, 25 bone fragments
Deer 5 animal fat, 13 tissue, 2 deer meat, 25 leather, 25 bone fragments
Bear 50 animal fat, 25 tissue, 10 bear meat, 50 leather, 75 bone fragments
Medium young pine 118 units of wood
Log 141 wood units
Medium driftwood 141 wood units
Large driftwood 192 units of wood
Wolf 5 animal fat, 18 tissue, 3 wolf meat, 38 leather, 20 bone fragments, wolf skull (50%)
Small driftwood 84 units of wood
Underground dweller 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
Oil Rig Scientist 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
Scientist with an excavator 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
Outpost Scientist 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
Bandit Camp Guard 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
War Tunnel Scientist 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
Wandering scientist 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
Armored Scientist 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
Cargo Ship Scientist 3 Cloth, 15 Bone Fragments
A small oak 293 wood units
Small pine tree 293 wood units
Little beech 293 wood units
Low palm 323 wood units
Small palm 352 wood units
Small fir 293 wood units
Birch 440 wood units
Medium beech 440 wood units
Big oak 440 wood units
Big pine 440 wood units
Middle palm 440 wood units
Big palm 528 wood units
Iron ore 286 units of iron ore
Stone 450 units of stone
Withered tree 586 wood units
Big beech 586 wood units
Big fir 586 wood units
Sulfur ore 101 units of sulfuric ore
Swamp tree 161 wood units
Patrol helicopter 391 Coal, 751 Metal Fragments, 36 High Quality Metal
Bradley APC 428 Coal, 826 Metal Fragments, 39 High Quality Metal
Transport helicopter 1,816 coal, 3,500 metal fragments,

What damage does

Of course, the club cannot boast of colossal damage, but the small damage of 12 units is compensated by the impact speed. The club is capable of inflicting 86 hits per minute, which means that it deals 17 damage per second.

What drops out after processing

After processing a bone club at the processor, you can get 10 bone fragments , that is, half of the resources that were used to create the club.

How to get through admin mode

You can get the bone club in the admin console. They are in the “Weapons” category. You can also use console commands, namely:

inventory.give 1711033574 quantity – give yourself a bone club;

inventory. giveto player’s nickname 1711033574 amount – give the player a bone club.

The Bone Club is not the most commonly used item in Rust. As a rule, players do not resort to using a club at all, because the only item that it can replace is the starting stone, which players already part with so quickly, exchanging it for stone tools.

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