Blue Java: blue bananas that taste like vanilla ice cream

Have you ever tasted a Blue java ? Probably not, but you can still imagine the taste of this bluish-skinned banana (but only when it is unripe) since it resembles that of  vanilla ice cream which also reminds a little of its consistency.There are those who consider it the tastiest banana in the world and therefore consume it instead of a sweet treat. It is the Musa acuminata × balbisiana , commonly known as ‘Blue Java’, fruit originating in Southeast Asia but also widespread in the Hawaiian islands and in general in the United States.

Unlike most tropical fruit trees, Blue Java plants can also withstand temperatures below 0 °, which means they can grow in most of California, in the Pacific Northwest and obviously further south.

The plant can reach a height of up to six meters but what interests us most is the fruit it produces, shorter than traditional bananas and with a bluish skin when not yet ripe.

The characteristic for which these bananas are so appreciated is that they have a consistency, but above all a flavor, reminiscent of vanilla ice cream (not surprisingly they are known as ” Ice cream Banana “. They are softer and creamier than the most common bananas, they practically melt in your mouth.

This makes them a perfect ingredient to make banana ice cream using a single ingredient, a super healthy and easy to prepare dessert, but also cakes, pancakes and smoothies.

When the blue skin of this banana becomes pale yellow then the fruit is mature enough to be consumed and its flavor to the maximum of sweetness.

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