Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Tips for Beginners

Simple tips to know before starting the game

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the highly anticipated 2D platformer from the creators of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night . In this guide, we’ve prepared basic game tips to help you complete the game quickly and with fun.

Destroy candlesticks

Such light sources are hung in large numbers in almost all locations. In most cases, after destroying them, you can slightly replenish your energy supply by picking up the “Mana Rose”, less often – find gold coins. Even if you have killed all the lights on the map, then go to another location and go back: the items will be restored.

Explore the locations completely

In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see the mini-map, which will fill up as you progress. We advise you to explore all available rooms to find chests and useful items. By the way, we have already prepared a map of the entire game.

Try new weapons

First, the heroine will have access to several types of weapons – knives and “Kung Fu boots”. To open new weapons you need to explore maps and open the found chests. Among other things, blades can be purchased in the store, received as a reward for completing additional tasks, or made if the necessary components are available. The latter method will become available from Johannes immediately after you leave the “Minerva” galleon. Just collect ingredients from defeated demons and create the weapons you like.

Activate the available side quests

In the settlement you will meet three playable characters who will supply you with side quests. For completing such tasks, you can get various trinkets, as well as good weapons or equipment. All you have to do is just activate the quest. Even if you don’t do it, after a while you can return for a reward. The fact is that in most cases, according to the assignment, you need to bring a certain item, or destroy the demons (which you will be doing throughout the game anyway).

Activate the teleportation room in Arvantville

The mosaic mirror room is on the upper level of the hideout. When you leave the house, kill the demon on the roof of the building, pick up the trophy from him and go up to the left. Here you will see an upgrade for the musket, as well as a passage to the room. After opening it, you can at any time return here from the same room, or teleport to an area with an open portal.

Use potions

Miriam’s health does not regenerate over time, so it is important to look for safe rooms and permanently save, or use healing potions. On the galleon “Minerva” the store is not yet available and will have to do only with finds from chests. When you find yourself in the city, you can buy or make such potions. They will be very useful in the early stages of the game, because you never know what dangers await you at the next door.

If the boss is too tough for you

The first and probably the most important tip is to level up. The fact is that with each subsequent level, the damage done and Miriam’s defense increase. The game is built in such a way that defeated opponents are revived when moving to the next location. This can be used to pump the level of the heroine. To farm mobs, we recommend choosing a location with one strong enemy that can be destroyed with a few shots from a musket.

Jump before attack

This advice is only relevant for opponents who are constantly on the ground. If you jump right before the strike, then after landing, you will damage the enemy, and as a bonus you can perform another quick strike. If you prefer to use a slow weapon like the Whip, then this tip will come in handy.

Use blunderbuss

You will find such firearms for the first time during the passage of the “Minerva” galleon, in one of the chests. Blunderbuss by default fires endless bullets that do little damage. For a fight with serious opponents, you can use reinforced cartridges (for example, soft-nosed or explosive). They are scattered across chests in different locations, and are also available for purchase in the Dominica store.

Using a pistol is not relevant against all demons. This concerns primarily the Rats. To hit the rat with a musket you will have to squat down, which will affect your mobility.

Upgrade the resulting shards

After killing any strong demon, Miriam will receive additional enhancements – shards. They represent a special magic, with which you can inflict huge damage on enemies, summon demons for a while, as well as apply enchantments and various effects. Any shard can be upgraded at Johannes’ workshop in Arvantville. To do this, you need to bring him the necessary ingredients for enhancing, which drop from most of the demons encountered.

Unlock secret rooms

The game has a lot of secret rooms, which in turn are divided into open and closed. The former are displayed on the map, but you have to figure out a way to get to them. Closed rooms are not mapped, but they exist nonetheless. An example is the room in the Sewers of Arvantville, where you will find the first 8-bit coin .

When you get to the gate of the castle, to enter inside you will need to interact with the lever. Don’t rush to activate it. Right behind the handle there is a downhill and a drainage passage. Run to the left until it stops until you find yourself in a small room (if you jump up, you will find yourself on the streets of the city). Approach the wall on the left and use any weapon to destroy it. At later stages of the game, the heroine will have access to a special shard that highlights the hidden rooms.


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