Blackout films: what are the advantages of applying it to windows?

Obtaining energy or monetary savings without having to do absolutely anything is certainly a great deal, especially for those who have their own home in the city with a strong temperature range. A solution within everyone’s reach is represented by blackout films for windows .

This special film – it is a real barrier that prevents sunlight from entering homes – offers several advantages once applied. The most important is from an energy point of view, but related to this there are others based on the type of film that you decide to install.

Some installers define it as a sunscreen that is applied indelibly on the windows. While this comparison is quite inappropriate, some of its peculiarities are very similar to those of sunscreen. In fact, these special films also protect furniture and objects that are near the windows from UV rays. Very dangerous for all objects that are in direct contact with them.

This type of rays, over the years, is able to discolor and burn even the most robust piece of furniture. In this case, the foil works as a kind of protective cream to keep furniture and objects well.

For those who want to know the advantages of these films, here are 3 good reasons to buy them and apply them immediately on all the windows of your home.

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  • 11: Allow to reduce the temperature
  • 22: Shield as UV protection
  • 33: Decorative function

1: They allow to reduce the temperature

As mentioned previously, applying blackout films to windows is a great way to reduce the sun’s rays inside the rooms. The material with which they are composed, allows to block up to 80% of the solar energy that normally passes through the windows. This allows you to save on costs related to air conditioning.

2: Shield as UV protection

UV rays are a light that is not visible to human eyes, but which is always present in nature. These ultraviolet rays damage furniture, floors and objects with their heat. Applying the blackout films allows you to block them outside and therefore offers the possibility of keeping all objects in direct contact in perfect condition for longer.

3: Decorative function

In addition to providing a number of protection and savings benefits, the films can be used to decorate a series of small or large windows. Thanks to the ability to customize them, companies and shops can create a series of decorations on the windows that can better attract the attention of potential customers. In homes, they can be used to give a different touch to the windows in the sleeping area or in other rooms.

As you can understand from these 3 good reasons, for a small investment – which will be reduced over the years – you can get long-term benefits. Having a more liveable home with lower maintenance costs is undoubtedly an excellent choice even for those who always want to look for some method to reduce costs.


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