Blackberry Unlock;5 Things You Must Know

Unlock a BlackBerry without a contract upon request

While a mobile phone is under contract with a particular operator, it is “locked”, which means that it cannot be used with another carrier. To use this phone with another operator, you need to unlock it.

Before 2014, unlocking the phone was risky – this could void the warranty and cause irreparable damage to your phone. This was true even after the expiration of your contract with your operator. In 2014, however, the Obama administration signed C 517, entitled “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Law.” This popularized choice of consumers in the cellular market and forced cellular operators to unlock phones on demand after the consumer’s contract is completed.

Unlock a BlackBerry without a contract

To unlock your non-contractual BlackBerry, call your mobile carrier and request it. That’s it. The carrier must obey the law.

Keep in mind that if you still have a BlackBerry under contract and want to move to another carrier, your carrier will probably charge you a heavy fee to switch before your contract expires.

Unlock BlackBerry

You can also try to unlock your BlackBerry yourself using an unlock code. This can be useful, for example, if you are traveling and want to buy a local SIM card to save on roaming charges, or if you want to switch SIM cards for some other reason.

Warning : Unlocking your BlackBerry may void your warranty or damage it. This means that many users enjoy unlocked phones without any problems, but move forward at their own risk.

Various providers sell unlock codes for BlackBerry devices. For example, sends you an email for an unlock code for a fee and supports BlackBerry devices running 7.0 and earlier, as well as those running 10.0. Another company offering unlock codes is Bargan Unlock. Free My BlackBerry claims to provide free unlock codes.

Caveat : This article is not an endorsement for these companies. Unlocking a phone number that is still under contract in any way can be illegal and a risk.

Purchase an unlocked BlackBerry

Buying an unlocked BlackBerry can be an easier way to use an unlocked device, especially if the device has a warranty to protect your purchase.

First, make sure your BlackBerry is already unlocked:

  1. Open the options for an extended SIM card on your device (this varies by operating system).
  2. Enter MEPDin the dialog box. If you have a SureType keyboard, enter MEPPD instead .
  3. Find a network. An unlocked device will display “Disabled” or “Inactive”. If it shows “Active”, it is still locked on media.

Online retailers such as Amazon, NewEgg or eBay sell a wide range of mobile devices, including unlocked devices of all kinds. Search for “unlocked BlackBerry”. You can also find unlocked phones directly from the BlackBerry online store.

Before purchasing, ask about warranty and return rules to make sure your device is covered in the event of a malfunction.

Equally important, make sure that the type of BlackBerry you buy can work on the network of the operator you plan to use. Some operators support GSM phones, while some support CDMA networks. GSM network phones use SIM cards, while CDMA phones need to be reprogrammed for use on different networks. Some models (such as BlackBerry Pearl and Curve) come in models that support CDMA or GSM.


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