Black Ops Cold War Zombie Tips

Call of Duty has a tradition of adding a Zombies mode to their games and has been loved by fans around the world. Here are some tips to keep in mind before moving into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Tips

This zombie mode returns in Black Ops Cold War and offers cooperative PvE fun for friends and strangers alike in the Die Maschine map.

Custom equipment

The coolest thing about CoD Blops Cold War’s Zombie Mode is that you don’t need to start Zombies Mode with the brand’s gun.

You can now have your own special gear to enter Zombies mode.

This allows you to enter the zombie map with an automatic weapon or shotgun.

To make it balanced though, you can only carry one weapon with you in the game.

Weapon progression

A great way to get weapon attachments is to play multiplayer to earn weapon attachments for zombie mode.

This allows you to transfer the progression of weapons from multiplayer to zombies. Playing either mode allows you to transfer the progress of your weapon to the other.

To experiment

All weapons in Zombies mode work the same as in multiplayer.

This allows players to test weapons with preferable attachments in zombies that they may want to use in multiplayer in the future.

Use Mystery Box

Mystery Box is a real bet. It could give you a bad weapon or even the iconic Ray-Gun or other weapons of higher rarity.

If you have more points to spare in higher rounds, use the mystery box to get weapons with more firepower as the rounds progress.

Use Melee

The combat knife is an excellent tool for the first few rounds. It is indestructible and can hit zombies on the first turn.

This allows you to save points to spend them later on Mystery Boxes and higher rarity weapons.

Waste resources

Killing zombies will drop salvage pieces that you can collect.

These can be used to craft items on crafting tables to craft useful items and tactical gear that can be used in later rounds.

Earn Score

Use the “Die Maschine” to win in-game challenges. These additional challenges can be used to accumulate points.

These challenges are pretty mundane, like killing zombies with a certain weapon, being in a certain area, or other challenges.


Zombies mode is meant to be a cooperative experience. Get friends to play with or prepare a headset to communicate with strangers or friends online.

Use the location ping system to make sure everyone can handle the top rounds and take part in smashing those intricate Easter eggs.

Scoring series

Scorestreaks have arrived in Zombies. This allows you to call a variety of equipment to help you in difficult situations.

These can easily decimate waves and waves of the undead. You can get them by reaching a certain score or from the Mystery Box.


One traditionally ends Zombie mode by being overrun by the hoarde zombie, but not anymore.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war has a new system for ending the mode called Exfil (short for Exfiltration).

This allows you to call an escape, which you can use to exit after surviving a final round.

Additionally, successfully executing an Exfil will give you bonus XP and some raw Aether crystals. So it’s worth doing if you feel the end is near.

These are all of our suggestions for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode. We hope you find them useful as you take down the countless undead mobs, good luck!


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