Black Line: discover Nobre’s black dispensers

The Noble Dispensers are known for their high practicality, resistance and economy. Indicated mainly for use in bathrooms, kitchens and barbecue areas, they are perfect for any place that has a large flow of people.

Our dispensers of the Nobre City line, together with the Auto Corte and Lever Dispensers, Multicopo and Nobre Napkin have a sophisticated and innovative design, facilitating the use of several products. Seeking to bring an even more sophisticated design to the environments, now you can find all the items mentioned in black, in our new Black Line.

Check out more details of the products below.

Noble City Line

The dispensers of the Nobre City line are perfect for you who need savings. They are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, service areas and barbecue grills.

Paper Towel Dispenser Interfolhas – Cod. 40350

Holds papers of different sizes and brands. Its system provides the removal of one sheet at a time, removed as needed, helping in economy and daily practicality.

Rolling Toilet Paper Dispenser – Code 40351

Holds paper rolls up to 500 meters. With an independent rolling system, which facilitates paper removal, it is a product that is simple to install and easy to use.

Cai-Cai Paper Dispenser – Cód. 40448

It works similarly to the inter-sheet dispenser, providing the user with one sheet at a time, without the need for cutting.

It is indicated for places that do not have much space, since its size is quite small compared to the roll paper dispenser.

Soap Dispenser or Alcohol Gel

It has the availability to work with liquid soap or foam, in addition to alcohol gel. Its key allows dispensing the ideal amount for hand hygiene, without leaks.

Its reservoir holds up to 700ml of product and can be easily installed and removed for replacement.

Code 40352 – Liquid Soap Dish Without Reservoir

Code 40449 – Liquid Soap Dish With Reservoir

Code 40353 – Foam Soap Dish With Expert Valve Without Reservoir

Code 40450 – Foam Soap Dish With Expert Valve With Reservoir

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Auto Corte Dispenser – Code 41179

It has a toothed blade that automatically cuts the paper, making it possible to remove one paper at a time, offering greater ease to the user. Great for the economy, no batteries or electricity needed.

Lever Dispenser – Code 41239

It works by means of a lever operated by the user, distributing the papers in a simpler and more efficient way. The lever can be pressed as needed, making it possible to choose the paper size. This device also has a blade for easy cutting.


If you are looking for savings on plastic cups, Multicopo Nobre is perfect for this function. Practical and economical, with a button that dispenses only one cup at a time, it has a compact size and a discreet appearance that does not pollute the environment.

The product also has a super-resistant tube, modern design and the best finish on the market.

Multicopo Water – Code 41481

Suitable for plastic cups from 150 ml to 200 ml of different brands.

Multicopo Coffee – Code 41536

Available for 50 ml plastic cups.


Napkin – Code 36351

Simple and usual, it works with the mechanism of interleaved sheets, removing one napkin at a time. They are perfect for having low cost and helping to save paper costs.


The black color is associated with power, elegance and formality. Therefore, the Black Line dispensers bring a more sophisticated and innovative design to the environments.

Did you like the novelty and want to purchase the products of our Black Line? Get in touch now with the dealer in your region and guarantee yours!


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