The biography and great sayings of Sadguru Jaggi Basudev

The biography and great sayings of Sadguru Jaggi Basudev

Sadguru Jaggi Basudev is an Indian Yogi, a world renowned spiritualist and renowned author. He was born on September 3, 1955, in a Telugu-speaking family in Mysore, Karnataka, India. He is the founder of the Isha Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that offers yoga programs around the world to train humanitarian mysticism. It is also involved in social media education and environmental development initiatives. His books on religion, spirituality, faith, health, relationships, enlightenment, etc. were on the New York Times bestseller list in multiple categories. His books are “Inner Engineer: A Yogi Guide”.

Education Life: –

He studied at Demonstration School and Mahajan Pre-University College, Mysore. After his schooling he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Mysore University. During his college years he became interested in travel and motorcycle.

Spiritual Life: –

He rose to the Chamundi Hill on September 23, and sat on a rock, where he gained spirituality.

Achievements: –

One of his outstanding works is the Isaiah Foundation . He has also been invited to speak at various world-renowned organizations. Notable among these are Oxford University, Stanford University, Harvard University, London School of Economics. Internal engineering, meditation, assembly of human beings to preserve rivers, gender stereotypes etc. is the culmination of his significant work.

Honors: –

In recognition of his contribution to spirituality, the Government of India awarded Padma Vibhushan civilian award in the 21st .

Great sayings and sayings of Sadguru

3) “If you want to be successful, first of all you have to make sure that you are not obstructed. “

2) “Always look at what you can do best for everyone around you. This feeling of submission will arouse you. “

5) “Do what is really important in your life. Whatever it is, you should be worthy of it. “

3) “Expand your love. Why love only one person, when you are able to love the whole universe? “

3) “Prepare yourself in such a way that you can always be part of the solution. “

4) “Thinking is just the full use of the information you have gathered in the past. “

4) “If you look in your heart, you will find a place where everything has a solution. “

4) “Depression and depression mean you are working against yourself. “

4) “If your idea of ​​success lies beyond just others, then you will certainly not find your full potential. “

4) “Adversity is not an obstacle if you are consciously responding. “

4) “Laughter is not an expression, other people may see it as an expression of a feeling, but if you are in a relaxed and pleasant state, you will have a smile on your face even if no one is around you.” “

12) “If you increase your power instead of fulfilling your desires, you will be able to move on to a better life, and do everything better. “

3) “Ignorance is an infinite reality. What you have to know is an unlimited possibility. “

3) “What you think of as success, which is generally considered a failure, deepens your sense of life. “

3) “Health is not just disease free. Health is when every cell in your body is fluctuating with life. “

3) “To be effective, spiritual pleasures need not be identified with a particular culture, religion or scripture. “

3) There is a distance between possibility and reality. Do you have the courage and determination to overcome this distance? “

4) “Fears and insecurities are created by you unconsciously. If you do not create them, they do not exist. “

3) “If you have a larger, more accepting, and infinite purpose in yourself, you will enjoy the sweet taste of success every day. “

27) “Confidence does not mean that you have to do the same as you would expect. Trusting means becoming insecure yourself. “

27) “Power should not be given to people who do not have the mentality to accept others inside themselves. “

22) “You live your life in half and incomplete because of fear of pain. In order to live life to the fullest it is necessary to relieve the fear of pain and suffering. “

20) “Unbelievable things can only be done if we are determined to do them. “

27) “Most of your desires are not actually your own. You just take those desires out of your social environment. “

27) “Responsibility means being able to cope with any situation in life. “

20) “No work is full of stress. Your inability to manage the body, mind, and thoughts makes those tasks stressful. “

27) “Not all people are alike, so stop comparing people, but give equal opportunity to everyone.” “

27) People call the book holy. But they also need to understand that life is a sacred thing. “

27) “You are not involved only with the people you love or love. Your attachment to those you dislike or hate is much deeper. “

3) “Life is a dance of time and energy. Putting it in the right rhythm is the beauty of life. “

4) “Meditation is not a work but it is a virtue. “

  1. Meditation is one way to know the beauty of our own existence. “

5) Most people are like captive birds in a cage who are busy all their life to turn that cage into gold and they do not even try to get to the final goal. “

4) “I don’t understand why people want to control their brains. I want them to free their brains. “

3) “The tree is your source of breath, cut it off and you will cut it off in one day. “

4) “Of course, without awareness, freedom is very dangerous. “

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3) “The spiritual process is not a change of attitude or behavior, but a fundamental or fundamental change in the way you think, feel and feel in life.”

3) “When your mind is completely free, then intellect is beyond human limitations.”

3) “In reality, everything is at a slow pace. Either go ahead with it or go up. “

3) “Karuna is not forgiveness or mercy. It is to connect with the passion and enthusiasm of everything around. “

12) “If not every day, then at least once a month, have you developed into a better person?

3) What is the meaning of life? It is a great event that will not be interrupted by any money. “

3) To use property for your own good, you need spiritual elements. Without it, your success will work against you. “

4) “If you look at creation, the way it is, it is seriously beautiful. You don’t have to add anything to it – neither in your own life nor in anything else. “

3) “The greatest force in existence is consciousness, and that is you. “

4) “Children do not listen to you. They look at you with attention. “

3) “If there is sex in the body, that is okay. If the brain enters, it becomes deformed. “

3) “If you want to maintain your relationship, always think to yourself that the other person is more important to you. 

3) “Life happens from within you. If the source of life is the one that has the most authority in your life, then praise and ridicule are of no value.


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