What does the Bible say about drugs?

The Bible does not speak directly about drugs, but it does say that we should avoid substances that alter our thinking and behavior . We must be sober and have control over what we say and do. When a person does drugs, it affects his mind and leads to destructive behaviors, bad for health and relationships.

Attention! In this article we will talk about using drugs for fun. There is no problem in using drugs for health reasons (medicines), under medical supervision. Take care of your health.

Why shouldn’t I take drugs?

Using drugs is very dangerous

Even medications have very strict rules about the maximum amount we can take when we are sick, so as not to affect our health. Taking and selling drugs to “have fun” has serious health consequences. Illicit drugs can have all kinds of effects, from the “lightest”, which make a person dizzy, to the strongest, which can kill the first time. Some effects of drugs are: psychiatric, heart, liver, respiratory and nervous system diseases. We need to take care of our bodies ( 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 ).

Drugs are addictive

Using a drug that is not very strong may seem harmless but usually one drug leads to another and the person becomes addicted. As the body gets used to the drug, it needs more and more to get the same effect. This leads to the use of more dangerous drugs and often to overdoses that kill. The Bible warns the Christian not to be dominated by anything ( 1 Corinthians 6:12 ).

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Change behavior

Those under the influence of drugs have bad attitudes that they would not have had if they were sober. The drugged person can cause accidents, hurt people, humble himself, mistreat those he loves … The Bible warns that losing control of your behavior only brings problems and sadness ( Proverbs 23: 29-35 ). The Christian’s behavior must be exemplary.

The Bible says to obey the law

The only exception is if the law goes against God’s command. We may not agree with the law and strive to change it, but while it is still law, we must obey ( Titus 3: 1 ). Taking non-prescription drugs is against the law.

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It has spiritual consequences

Witchcraft has always used drugs to induce states of connection with spiritual forces (demons). Many drugs affect the mind and make the person more susceptible to demonic influence. The Bible says to resist the devil, not to facilitate your work ( James 4: 7 ).

How can I stay drug free?

You can be freed from drugs by accepting Jesus as your savior and asking for His help to quit your addiction. The Bible says that Jesus is the truth and the truth sets us free ( John 8:32 ; John 14: 6 ). He died on the cross so that you can have a free and hopeful life. Just believe.

It is also important to seek professional help . Even with Christ’s help, it can be very difficult to stay away from temptation. So it is good to find a church, where you will have good company, and to speak with a pastor, who can guide you in the process of liberation from addiction. There are also many good rehabilitation centers, specializing in fighting drug addiction, ready to help those in need.


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