Best weapons in Halo Infinite;Complete Guide

The early launch of the multiplayer mode Halo Infinite allowed players to plunge into large-scale futuristic battles in their favorite universe. In all battles, a wide variety of barrels are available to users. At the moment, 21 weapons are used in battles, each of which has its own unique characteristics.

All equipment is significantly different from each other. During the battle, it can be changed at special stations. From the first minutes, it is quite difficult to understand the outfit, so below is a selection of the most useful weapons for the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode.

VK78 “Commando”

Guide to the best weapons in Halo Infinite – VK78 Commando for any distance

A good replacement for the starter assault rifle, which will allow you to quickly get a kill streak in multiplayer. It should be borne in mind that one clip is often not enough to kill an enemy with full health, so it is recommended to shoot accurately in the head even at a long distance. The rifle is easy to handle and has low recoil. This weapon will be especially useful for PC players who use a mouse and keyboard to control the game.

Combat rifle BR75

Halo Infinite Best Weapon Guide – BR75 Medium and Long Range Assault Rifle

If the VK78 does not seem to be an accurate rifle, then it is recommended to use the BR75, which is the standard weapon in the rating game. Its only drawback is firing in bursts of three rounds per shot. With the VK78, the player is able to quickly destroy multiple enemy targets with accurate headshots.

Sniper rifle S7

Halo Infinite Best Weapon Guide – Long Range S7 Sniper Rifle

The most ranged weapon in the game that can destroy any enemy with one accurate headshot. This sniper rifle has a very small clip, so it is not recommended to ditch the standard assault rifle instead of this one. It is best to temporarily get rid of the pistol, destroy a couple of gaping players and return the initial weapons back.


Halo Infinite Best Weapon Guide – Medium and Long Range Blade

If you are playing in the mode of large team battles, then this rifle will come in very handy in large locations. She shoots deadly projectiles that can penetrate vehicles and instantly destroy enemies. This high combat strength makes this weapon one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

Electric rifle

Halo Infinite Best Weapon Guide – Short / Medium Range Electric Rifle

Unusual weapon, the shells of which can bounce off enemies and obstacles. This allows the player to hit multiple targets at once. This rifle is best used in narrow corridors and small spaces. This will help inflict huge damage to the enemy while using a small amount of projectiles. Not the most accurate weapon that compensates for its disadvantage with unique shooting.

Gravity hammer

Halo Infinite Best Weapon Guide – Close Range Gravity Hammer

Most powerful melee weapon. It allows you to instantly kill the enemy with one hit. This hammer is suitable for ambushes, so it is recommended to use it from cover or in small spaces. You should not run ahead with the specified weapons, as the player will be a good target for enemy snipers.

Needle thrower

Halo Infinite Best Weapon Guide – Medium Range Needle Thrower

A situational weapon that doesn’t fit every battle. The projectiles of this pistol follow an enemy target, so it is best used to contain enemies at medium range. The needle gun does not have the highest damage, but with a good rate of fire, it is able to quickly destroy the enemy with its purple spikes.

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