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Virtual keyboards can be quite useful, especially if you have a keylogger that can steal your confidential information such as login details. Some users tend to use virtual keyboards because they are having trouble using their keyboard or because their keyboard is not working properly. Windows 10 has its own virtual keyboard, but if you are looking for a third-party solution, today we are going to show you the best virtual keyboard software that you can download.

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  • What is the best virtual keyboard software?
    • Hot virtual keyboard (recommended)
    • Free virtual keyboard
    • Click-N-Type
    • Virtual touch keyboard
    • Virtual keyboard
    • Neo SafeKeys v3
    • EyesBoard
    • My-T-Soft virtual keyboard
    • WiViK
    • BeKey On-Screen Keyboard

What is the best virtual keyboard software?

Hot virtual keyboard (recommended)

If you are looking for advanced virtual keyboard software, you may be interested in Hot Virtual Keyboard. The keyboard is customizable and you can choose from many different styles and styles.

As for customization, there are more than 70 styles available, but you can also create your own unique style if you want. Also, there is support for multiple languages ​​and layouts. We also have to mention that this keyboard supports auto-complete feature which will make typing easier and faster than before.

Additional features include softkeys and shortcuts so you can easily launch applications or open certain web pages with just one click. The keyboard also supports macros, so you can record and use them in just a few clicks.

It is worth mentioning that this keyboard also supports gestures, so you can add spaces or change the case of letters with a single gesture.

As for additional features, this application supports different Windows actions, so you can change the volume, control playback, turn off your monitor, and perform all kinds of other actions simply by clicking the dedicated button on your virtual keyboard.

Hot Virtual Keyboard is an advanced virtual keyboard and offers great customization and a variety of different features. This tool is not free, but you can download the trial version and use it for 30 days.

  • Download now Hot Virtual Keyboard (free)

Another useful tool is worth mentioning that maintains clipboard history and can paste any selected snippet back. This professional Windows clipboard viewer and manager supports all popular data formats. Download free trial versions of Comfort Clipboard 9 or Comfort Clipboard Pro.

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Free virtual keyboard

This virtual keyboard will work on any Windows device that has a touch screen, so it’s perfect if it can’t fit on your device’s physical keyboard. The keyboard has large keys so you can easily type with your fingertips. It is worth mentioning that this keyboard supports pointing devices, so users with mobility disabilities can also use it.

The keyboard supports customization, so you can easily change the keyboard size, color, or transparency with one click. We have to mention that changing the color is relatively simple, but you can’t use a custom color, instead you can toggle between two available presets.

The keyboard supports auto-repeat function and you can repeat keystrokes by simply clicking a certain button. Free Virtual Keyboard is a simple tool and offers all the necessary features. We have to mention that the portable version is also available, so you can easily run the free virtual keyboard on any PC without installation.

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Click-N-Type is a simple virtual keyboard that can be useful for users who have trouble using the physical keyboard. The keyboard supports word prediction, which makes typing faster and easier. The keyboard also supports macros, which can be quite useful. In addition to macros, the keyboard offers support for AutoClick and scan modes.

This tool offers support for multiple languages ​​and has many language packs and keyboards available. We have to mention that there is a feature of Keyboard Designer that allows you to make your own keyboard layouts. Of course, user-created custom layouts are also available. The tool offers audible and visible comments thanks to the Spoken Keys function. Click-N-Type works with all pointing devices, including a head mouse, and even works with virtual mouse programs.

Click-N-Type offers decent features, but we have to admit that the app has a humble user interface that might not appeal to certain users. Despite the user interface, this is still a great app, so you may want to give it a try. Click-N-Type is available for free, and you can download and use the portable version on any PC without installation.

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Virtual touch keyboard

If you are looking for a virtual keyboard that supports a wide range of functions, you can consider the Touch-It virtual keyboard. This virtual keyboard is compatible with both desktop and Winlogon, making it perfect for all your needs. The keyboard works on demand and you can launch it by simply clicking on its floating icon in the lower right corner.

The Touch-It virtual keyboard works with multiple languages ​​and supports multiple remote desktops and monitors. The keyboard is fully customizable and supports an unlimited number of actions per key. In addition, it also supports Pascal scripts. The keyboard has a modern design, so it will match the look of universal apps with ease. The keyboard can also appear whenever you select an input field, which is quite useful. This virtual keyboard is customizable and you can even design your own keyboard if you want.

The Touch-It virtual keyboard is a great tool, and our only complaint is the size of the keyboard. Although it might be easier for some users to use the full-width keyboard on their PC, we found that the full-width version is taking up too much space for our liking. Despite this small flaw, this is still a great app and you can download and try the evaluation version for free.

Virtual keyboard

Another simple and free virtual keyboard for your PC is VirtualKeyboard. This tool has a humble user interface and supports self-training predictive text. Thanks to this feature, you can enter words quickly and easily.

Additional features include color coding, multiple dictionaries, and user-made macros. The keyboard also supports an effective sweep sweep mode, allowing you to control the keyboard with a single click. The keyboard also has common functions available, such as copy, cut and paste, which is quite useful.

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Changing the dictionary is quite simple, and you can do it directly from the drop-down menu with just a few clicks. VirtualKeyboard is a decent tool, but its humble user interface may turn off some users. If you want to try this tool, you can download it and use it for free.

Neo SafeKeys v3

Virtual keyboards can be helpful, especially if you are concerned that your computer is infected with malware or a keylogger. Keyloggers will monitor your keyboard input and send it to malicious users without your knowledge. If you want to protect your personal information, you can use SafeKeys v3 from Neo.

This application allows you to enter your login information without using a physical keyboard. This is one of the safest ways to protect your login information from malicious users. The tool also has screen logger protection that will protect your confidential information at all times.

We have to mention that this virtual keyboard supports injection mode so you can use this tool with programs that do not support drag and drop. The tool also supports transparency and automatic hiding, which makes your passwords safe against malicious users. Neo’s SafeKeys v3 also supports scroll input, so you can enter your password without even clicking your mouse.

Neo SafeKeys v3 is a great tool if you want to protect your login information from malicious users. This is a decent virtual keyboard, and it’s available for free. Besides being free, this tool is also portable, and will work on any PC without installation.


This tool is designed to work with any Windows device that has a touch screen. We have to mention that this keyboard supports Windows login screen so that you can easily login to Windows using this tool. The keyboard is multilingual and the key layout will adapt to the current input locale. To make it easy to switch between different inputs, the tool has a dedicated button that allows you to switch inputs instantly.

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This virtual keyboard can be resized and moved freely so you can easily adjust it. In addition to the standard keyboard, you can also use the numeric keypad and function keys. The application supports special shortcuts, such as media player, web browser, etc. The tool also has a floating icon, so you can easily open the virtual keyboard at any time. The EyesBoard virtual keyboard has Caps Lock and Num Lock indicators and even supports the Ctrl + Alt + Del and Win + L keyboard shortcuts.

As for customization, this tool supports different color schemes and various levels of transparency. If you want, you can even lock the keyboard at the bottom of the screen so it doesn’t interfere with any open windows. If you are a developer, you will be pleased to know that there is an API available for third-party integration, so you can further expand the functionality of the keyboard. As for customization, all keys and keyboards are defined in XML so you can easily modify them if you want.

EyesBoard is a decent virtual keyboard and offers all the features that basic users will need. This application is not free, but you can download the trial version and use it for 15 days.

My-T-Soft virtual keyboard

The My-T-Soft virtual keyboard comes with over 200 international layouts, so it will support almost any language. The application supports up to 2000 keystrokes on each button, and you can also group up to 15 buttons on one panel. With this tool, you can assign any of 63 functions to any button, allowing for a great deal of customization.

This virtual keyboard has its own 4-function calculator that will always stay on top of all other windows. This allows you to enter the desired entry directly into the open document or entry field. There is also a built-in Magnifier tool that allows you to enlarge a certain part of your screen for a better view.

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My-T-Soft virtual keyboard supports customization and you can change the background color or the color of the open panel. Also, you can change the button text color, button face, button highlight, button shadow, and keyboard background. If you want to further customize your keyboard, you can use the Developer Kit to do so.

This application is fully compatible with touch screens, but it also works with trackballs, pens, or any other pointing device. The keyboard supports infinite sizes and allows you to show and hide certain keys. In addition, there are 11 panels available, and you can also create your own panels if you wish. Like many other virtual keyboards, this one also supports macros so that you can launch certain programs simply by pressing the appropriate shortcuts.

The My-T-Soft virtual keyboard supports a wide range of functions, making it perfect for both basic and advanced users. We have to mention that this app has a humble and a bit outdated user interface that may turn off some users. The free demo is available for download, but if you want to continue using this app, you will need to purchase a full version.


This virtual keyboard allows you to enter your input simply by selecting certain keys or by hovering over them with a pointing device. This keyboard supports multiple dictionaries, and you will even get predictions on the left, which will simplify and streamline the whole process. In addition to word prediction, this tool also supports abbreviations, allowing you to quickly enter your desired text. Of course, the tool also supports voice output, making it easy to enter the correct words.

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This device works with most pointing devices, so you should be able to use it with ease. WiViK is a great tool, and it’s available to download as a free trial. If you want to continue using this tool, you will need to purchase a full version.

BeKey On-Screen Keyboard

This virtual keyboard is a replacement for the keyboard, and it comes with intelligent word prediction that will allow you to enter words quickly. This virtual keyboard memorizes your words as you enter them, so the more you use them, the more suggestions you’ll get as you type. We also have to mention that word prediction can also predict the next word to be entered, which makes the typing process quick and easy. As for the predictions, they are available in 23 different languages.

This virtual keyboard supports customization and you can easily change the keyboard size, button size, button spacing, font size, etc. We also have to mention that this keyboard is optimized for one click, but it also supports scrolling mode that allows you to enter words without a single click.

The tool also supports different masks and levels of transparency and even allows you to create text macros. There are also special keys for frequently used tasks and scan modes for 1 or 2 switches. BeKey On-Screen Keyboard is a great tool and you can use the trial version for 30 days. If you want to continue using this tool, you will need to purchase a license.

Virtual keyboard software can be quite helpful, and if you’re looking for a third-party virtual keyboard, be sure to check out some of these tools.

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