Best tricks to play with the calculator

Years ago, all students had an essential tool to solve their problems in mathematics or physics, the scientific calculator , we loved it because it made it easier for us to solve the tasks, although our teachers did not prohibit using it at all times. Usually we were looking for a way to have it on hand at exam time.

Little did our teachers at that time imagine that we would have the possibility of having the calculator on the phone. Today it is possible, thanks to technological advances, there are applications that allow us to have the scientific calculator on our phones . Many of these are very popular and used by students, among these App we can mention: Calculator ++.

In addition, there are many other scientific calculator applications that depending on the needs of each user may be more appropriate.

Apart from our mobile we can have and use the calculator on our pc, tablet or any other device , in the case of PCs, the most used is the one that is integrated into Windows operating systems.

In many cases this tool goes unnoticed until at a certain moment we realize its great utility, of course it is important to know how to get the most out of this Windows calculator that we have on the computer .

Another way to have a scientific calculator, is to create it with the notepad, this is easy to do, this is a tool that we can get on different devices such as computers, tablets and mobiles compatible with various operating systems.

Uses of a scientific calculator.

As we have mentioned so far, scientific calculators far from being outdated have evolved and improved over time. This allows us to perform more quickly, easily and simply mathematical calculations, formulas, as well as entertaining and fun tricks. Among the mathematical calculations that we can perform, there are operations with decimal numbers, calculating percentages and fractions and more.

But it is interesting that with our old scientific calculators we can also spend very pleasant and fun times with our friends.

Fun ways to use the calculator

It is very likely that we have in our house that calculator that we used when we went to school stored in a drawer Perhaps we think we will do with it, because we do not want to discard it because it brings us good memories, because we will teach you to put your old scientific calculator to a fun use with which you can perform interesting tricks.

The first trick that we will teach you to perform to entertain and amuse your friends and family we call it, he drinks.

Start by telling your audience that a couple wants to have a baby and with your calculator you were able to help them, for this you had to multiply 13 days by 12 nights by 365, you got as a result 56940. These parents spent $ 2101 on clothes and accessories for their baby figure that we must then subtract from the previous result.

The test results came after 14 days, a number with which you must multiply the previous result of 54839 . Now you must divide this result by 2 because there are two who are waiting for that desired drink, the final result will be 383873. Show this final result by turning the calculator so that they read the final numbers and interpret the phrase He Drinks.

Another trick that we want to show you is called seven always seven, no matter what numbers you use, its result will always be seven. Choose a friend and have him write down a figure of three numbers, repeat the figure on the calculator twice. Result that you must then divide by 11, show the result and then divide by 13 again, show the result. Now you will divide this result by the number that was noted at the beginning and your final result will be 7.

This trick that I will show you is full of love and tenderness if you are a person of few words you will like it, in the scientific calculator dial the numbers 50538 turn it towards the person you want to kiss, they will be surprised. This is a fun trick for people who are loving but have a hard time expressing their feelings by talking.

There are other very interesting, simple and practical tricks with which you can use your old scientific calculator, for fun.


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